How do Wine Fridges Preserve Your Wine? Bringing the Cellar to Your Vernon Kitchen

How do Wine Fridges Preserve Your Wine? Bringing the Cellar to Your Vernon Kitchen
It's not surprising that wine fridges, also known as wine grottos and cellars, are common in the Okanagan kitchen. These wine fridges create four key optimal conditions to preserve precious wine.

by Natalie Appleton

You love your wine, and you want to preserve your bottles for months or even years to come. But wine preservation is a science, and kitchen wine cellars need to meet certain conditions. Fortunately, the wine fridges we sell at our Vernon kitchen appliance store make it easy for you to keep your most cherished bottles safe.

What does your wine cellar need to do to preserve your wine?

The Right Temperature

Most wine drinkers recognize it’s important to store wine at consistent temperatures far from extremes. When our kitchen appliance experts are helping homeowners choose a wine cellar, we tell them 12°C is best, within a degree or two. Your wine fridge uses a thermostat and insulated casing to keep this optimal temperature consistent.



Wine fridges allow you to keep your bottles within arm’s reach in the kitchen, rather than trudging down to the wine cellar in the basement, because their doors block light. Even glass doors are made to protect your wine from UV rays. Today, wine fridges even have inside lighting so you can easily find the right bottle while blocking off outside light.


No Vibration

Wine needs to be still so it can age and develop its unique flavour. Vibrations hinder that development by stirring sediments that need to settle. Wine fridges are equipped with two casings—one inner and one outer—to absorb and protect your bottles from vibration.



Air that’s too dry will dry out corks and evaporate wine; air that’s too humid can strip the label. Wine fridges work to produce and maintain the ideal level of humidity using a condensation system.

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