Why Vernon Residents Trust Local Home Appliances Stores

Why Vernon Residents Trust Local Home Appliances Stores
Shopping for home appliances at a local retailer such as Genier's allows you to have a better idea on how it looks, functions and feels.

Before the rise of the big box store and online shopping, family-based businesses such as Genier's Appliances in Vernon, BC were the go-to home appliances store. While the way Canadian appliances are manufactured and marketed has changed, some things haven't. That's especially true at Genier's, which for more than 50 years has provided the kind of local shopping experience you can't get anywhere else.


A History of Service

Genier's rose from the ground in 1960 and has been doing business in the Okanagan ever since. While our Vernon appliances store on 48th Avenue has changed with the times over the past 58 years, from selling rabbit-eared TVs to the most modern and technologically advanced appliances, one thing that hasn't changed is the personal service our customers have come to depend on. Not only does Genier's have 50-plus of the best brands in just about every appliance you can imagine, as a self-servicing dealer we know how each and every appliance functions, and are able to help with repairs and servicing.


What Experience Brings

When you go appliance shopping, you shouldn't have to cruise every aisle to find a customer representative to help you. A local-specific store such as Genier's has friendly on-the-floor staff who are readily available to all answer your questions. And they actually know what they are talking about. That's because every member of Genier's team has more than 5 years experience in the ever-evolving world of appliance options. This knowledge is what customers have come to expect when shopping for everything from cooking appliances to washers and dryers.


Learn by Seeing

Have you ever wanted to know how to sous vide or how induction heating works using the most advanced cook ranges? Are you curious about how smart technology is being applied to the latest line of kitchen appliances? These are things you won't see when you check out a product online. There is nothing like being able to see an appliance while it's in operation. With Genier's live in-store kitchen demos you can actually see and feel how a wine fridge keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature or how gas ranges can be integrated into your kitchen design or how kitchen ventilation has been modernized to not only be functional, but to look great.


What Our Customers Have to Say

It's easy enough to write about why Vernon trusts Genier's for their home appliances, but to really understand, it's best to hear from customers themselves. Here are just some of the things they have had to say on various reviews sites:

"The best service, and great brands. Glad to have them in town... Vernon doesn't always get so lucky with high end products."

"The demo kitchens with different appliances are super cool. It's great to be able to imagine the appliances in your house and get a sense of space and size."

"Fantastic local shop with great service, prices & products. This is what a quality business should be. "


Read our blog for more about home appliances and see the Reasons Why Shopping In-Store has its Benefit Over Online.


Genier's friendly and knowledgeable customer sales team is always available to answer all your questions. Visit our store in Vernon, BC to see our live demonstration kitchens and our massive showroom, which features all the best brands and the most modern appliances.


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