Why not a Wall Oven? The Cooking Appliance You Might Have Forgotten

Why not a Wall Oven? The Cooking Appliance You Might Have Forgotten
A double wall oven can be easily integrated into a wall with other cooking appliances and surrounding cabinetry for a sleek and modern design.

Thermador invented them and Julia Child made them famous. Originally designed so that home cooks would not have to lift heavy roasting pans up from a standard oven, wall ovens and other built-in kitchen and cooking appliances have been making a comeback due to their advanced technology, space saving ability and sleek design.

Here we look at the wall oven’s history and how this appliance has been revolutionized and integrated into the modern kitchen.


History of the Wall Oven

The very first wall oven was developed in 1947 by Thermador appliances around the same time that the company introduced its stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Primarily used in commercial kitchens, the oven featured a recessed broiler, double compartment doors, and a protective hood. The wall oven would become even more popular in the 1970s when famed chef Julia Child used one on her PBS-TV cooking shows. According to the Smithsonian, the famed chef often used her Garland restaurant-style gas range. However, she used Thermador ‘s electric convection double wall ovens on her last three cooking shows.


Today’s Wall Oven

Wall ovens have been revolutionized to include everything from different convection systems and even steam. They come in a number of configuration and arrangements. Some include: 

  • Single wall ovens
  • Oven, microwave and warming drawer
  • Side-by-side double wall ovens
  • Horizontal double wall ovens
  • French door wall ovens 

You can also invest in a smart wall oven, which includes a WiFi connection so you can turn on your appliance and control the temperature remotely. Home chefs have been able to elevate their kitchen experience with Jenn-Air appliances’ new line of stainless steel electric connected wall ovens, which come in a number of configurations, all of which include a vertical dual-fan convection system.


For all the Cooks in Your Family 

With a wall oven, there is no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen.

That’s because wall ovens actually alleviate congestion in your kitchen when you include a separate cooktop (often found on an island or counter). While one cook attends to the roast, the other can sauté the mushrooms and boil potatoes without getting in one another’s way. Rated highly for its luxury line of modern built-in appliances, Miele appliances’ range of wall ovens offer specialized baking and steam cooking features that use precise control and intuitive operation. They also offer sleek design options, including black glass, stainless steel handles, or even a brilliant white finish.


Double Your Space and Keep Standing 

Unlike stand-alone cook ranges, which contain a stove and oven contained within one unit, wall ovens also offer increased cooking capacity, especially with the advent of double and even triple wall ovens. They can also save your back, meaning you don’t have to constantly bend over to baste your turkey or retrieve that hot tray of baked cookies. 

GE appliances’ 30” built-in double wall oven is rated as one of the most affordable by appliance reviews.  It includes 10 cu. ft. of cooking capacity, perfect for cooking up a holiday meal all in one go, as well as full broil coverage, electronic touch controls, black gloss interior, and a self-clean with a steam clean option in both ovens.

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