When, Why, and How You Should Use Stackable Washers and Dryers

When, Why, and How You Should Use Stackable Washers and Dryers
Stackable washers and dryers can fit in just about any narrow space, including closets.

A stackable washer and dryer is perfect if you live in a condo, apartment, or suite, especially if you have a closet or other vertical and narrow space to use as your laundry room. Another benefit to having stackable home appliances is the protection they afford your back, as usually the dryer is placed on top of the washer, which means you don’t have to bend over to place your wet clothing into the dryer and you can stand to remove your dry clothing when the cycle is over.

For those who have a narrow vertical space, and need compact laundry solutions, Bosch appliances’ 24-inch washers and dryers offer the fastest wash and dry cycle, which takes a total of 30 minutes.

bosch compact washer dryer


Why You Save Energy 

You can save money on your water and energy bills when using stackable laundry machines, as most models are typically front-loading. According to Consumer Reports, front-load washers use less water while having larger load capacity. This is due to their lack of an agitator, which is used in many top-loading models. In addition, front-load models tend to have a faster spin speed cycle, meaning they extract more water. This can actually cut down on your dryer time and, in turn, save energy. 

Maytag appliances 5500 5.2 cu-ft. front-loading front-load washer with Fresh Hold® and optional PowerWash® system is said to be quick, quiet and energy-efficient, while its pair, the large capacity dryer with Energy Saver option features an advanced moisture sensor that stops the cycle automatically when the clothes are dry. 


How Stackable Appliances Stack Up

It is not recommended that you place your dryer on top of your washer without a proper stacking kit. An unstable appliance can easily topple over and cause damage or, in the worst-case scenario, injury to the user.

Available at most Kelowna appliance stores, a stacking kit consists of screws and latches that will securely fit your stacking appliances on top of one another.

Most kits are suitable for front-loading appliances only. 

However, those who prefer not to use a stacking kit and don’t mind investing in a top-loading washer, Whirlpool appliances offers both its Gas and Electric Stacked Laundry Centre. Both electric 1.8 cu-ft. and 4 cu-ft. models meet the Canadian EnerGuide for using less energy to similar models compared.

combination washer and dryer


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