What Makes Induction Cooking Great? The Vernon Appliance Pros Explain

What Makes Induction Cooking Great? The Vernon Appliance Pros Explain
Induction has become the cooking method of choice for many families in Kelowna and Vernon because induction appliances are safer and faster.

By Natalie Appleton

For a long time, there were only two choices when it came to your stove—coils or gas. Now there’s induction too, and while many of us recognize the flat, seek surface of an induction cooktop, most of us don’t really know how induction cooking works. So, our Vernon kitchen appliance experts are here to explain the science behind induction cooking.


How induction works

Unlike other cooking methods, which heat your pan and then your food (often unevenly), induction uses electricity and magnetism to make your pan the source of heat.

As soon as you turn on your induction stove or cooktop and it can detect a pot or pan, the coils beneath the surface generate a magnetic field that excites particles in your pots and pans.

How induction cooking works
How induction cooking works.


It’s important to use pots and pans with a high ferrous metal content because as currents run through these high resistance pans, the currents are converted to heat. Iron pans, for example, have a high resistance.


Why you’ll love induction cooking

It’s faster. Now you can take the waiting out of cooking. Some induction stoves can boil water in 90 seconds. In fact, induction is the fastest cooking method—faster than any professional gas stove at its highest heat setting. When it comes to kitchen appliances, Kelowna, Kamloops, and Vernon families are always looking for convenience.

It’s safer. Do you have curious two or four-legged little ones in your house? Induction gives you the peace of mind of knowing no one will get burned on an empty cooking surface because induction only works when cookware with magnetic properties is on the surface. Only pots or pans get hot, not the surface, and not little hands.

It’s easier to clean. Digging beneath coils on an electric cooktop or around the crevices of a gas stove can be tricky, time-consuming and dangerous. Since induction surfaces have no heat when the cookware is removed, you can clean instantly with just the wipe of a cloth.

It’s more energy efficient. With induction, the pan is your heat source, so less heat escapes and it takes less energy to generate that heat.


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Not sure if induction cooking is right for you? Visit our non-commissioned sales team and check out a range of cooktops in action in our Vernon appliance store’s live showroom.


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