What Canadian Appliances Are Best to Buy in Spring?

What Canadian Appliances Are Best to Buy in Spring?
If your fridge or other appliance has been working in overdrive this winter and now needs repair, you may want to see which Canadian appliances offer the best deals in spring.

It may be no surprise to learn that springtime is one of the most popular seasons to invest in new home appliances. There are a few reasons for this: During winter, Canadian appliances tend to work in overdrive and can break down or lose function. While repairing them is one option, sometimes the more attractive and least expensive choice is to replace our used appliances. Kelowna and Vernon residents also tend to take on cleaning and renovating projects once the snow melts, which provides a motive to invest in more modern and efficient appliances to match the refreshed look and feel of our homes.

Here, we investigate when you may want to replace your most used appliances are which ones are best to buy in the spring.


Washing Wear and Tear

Winter can wreak havoc on our appliances. That’s because Canadians tend to use more water and energy in order to survive the colder months. One of the results is more usage of our washers and dryers, as it’s just not feasible to hang our clothes out to dry when the temperature has dipped below zero. We also tend to wear bulkier clothing in winter, which means more washing.

An older washer can also experience damage in frigid temperatures, especially if it is located near an outside wall or in a damp basement. Water in your hose or pump can freeze, causing your water intake valve to break and in the worst-case scenario, cause flooding. In this case, you may want to look at repairing or replacing your appliances to prevent further damage.  

For more information, read about Washers and Dryers: When is it a Good Time to Pull the Plug.


Cooking Conundrum

While some of us still attempt to barbecue in winter, most of us find ourselves slaving over a hot stove in winter.  While many cook ranges come with range hoods, it’s important that your kitchen ventilation is up to snuff in winter, especially if using a gas cooktop, as improper ventilation can cause the grease, smoke and other gases to pollute the air. Make sure the filter in your range hood is changed in spring or look for other forms of ventilation. For more information, read about our Range of Range Hoods: Choosing Kitchen Ventilation in Kelowna and Vernon.


Frigid Fridges

According to Cottage Life Magazine, our fridges are not meant to function when the air outside is colder than the air inside the appliance. Damage can occur when you leave your fridge in an unheated or cooler area such as a garage, as the cold air can trick your fridge’s interior thermostat into thinking the inside air doesn’t need chilling, causing the compressor to stop functioning properly.

The cost of fixing a new fridge compressor can run up as high as $300 or more, making it more feasible to replace your fridge with a newer more energy efficient model.


A Good Reason to Shop in Spring

If your washer or dryer, refrigerator or any other appliances decide to go on the fritz in winter, spring may be a good time to look into new discount appliances.

Appliance stores such as Genier’s appliances in Vernon BC often offer manufacturer special offers, where you can get deals from some of the best brands from Jenn-Air appliances to Maytag, GE, Kitchen-Aid, Whirlpool appliances and others. In addition, many manufacturers roll out their new models of appliances such as refrigerators in the summer, meaning that last year’s models go on sale in the spring.


For more ways on how to save on appliances, read about Genier’s Promotions and Special Offers or visit us on Facebook to find about our latest deals.


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