7 Washers and Dryers Tips to Stay Neat and Organized

7 Washers and Dryers Tips to Stay Neat and Organized
Get your laundry room, washers and dryers organized with these helpful tips.

If you’ve got more than one other family member living at home with you, then you know the laundry room is one of the least visited rooms in the house. It’s the room that houses the washers and dryers and the chore that never seems to end. It’s also the room where sock pairs cease to exist and mountains of clothes and linens begin to take shape. However, there is a way to turn this least-liked room into one of your favourites: organization. A well-run laundry room will make the daunting chore of laundry upkeep seem less like work and more like fun. We promise!


1. To stack or not to stack? If your laundry room is on the smaller side, start by purchasing a kit to stack your machines. These kits usually start around $50 and fit almost all washers and dryers. 

2. Put them up on a pedestal. To totally customize your home appliances, consider adding pedestals to your washer and dryer. Besides giving your back a bit of a break, you can also use the pedestals for additional laundry room storage. 

3. Install a workbench. Unless your laundry room is a laundry closet, consider installing a bench for folding clothing and linens. A bench works well directly on top of front-loading washers and dryers, but if there’s enough room, a workbench and extra cabinets can also be installed along a separate wall. 

4. Add a drying bar. To avoid shrinking your favourite shirts in the dryer, consider adding a drying bar. For a space-saving option, install a towel rack underneath a shelf or cabinetry. From there, add some hangers, and voila – you’ve got yourself a compact, designated space for drying items straight out of the washing machine. 

5. Hang your ironing board on the wall. This small-space tip is perfect for tight spaces. Installing an ironing board that folds up and hangs against the wall is a great way to keep the laundry room more organized and tidy. 

6. Set up a loose change jar. One of the perks of doing laundry is finding handfuls of loose change. To keep the small, pocketed items out of the laundry machine, place a labeled jar on a shelf in front of the washing machine. Not only will this jar house all these little forgotten about items, it’ll also serve as a reminder to check pockets before tossing pants into the washing machine. 

7. Add a little entertainment to your space. If the thought of spending 20 minutes (or more) stuck in the laundry room switching loads and folding clothes makes your head spin, think about adding some entertainment to your laundry room. If a TV sounds good to you, go ahead, but something as simple as an iPod-friendly radio can make all the difference. We also suggest adding a potted plant, flower, or eye-catching artwork to make you feel less like Cinderella and more at home. 


Besides organization, an efficient laundry room starts with a clean pair of appliances. Check out our previous post for cleaning tips: Washers and Dryers: Our Best Tips for a Spotless Pair


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