Washers and Dryers: The Miele Features We Absolutely Love

Washers and Dryers: The Miele Features We Absolutely Love
Miele offers some of the best features to ever happen to washers and dryers everywhere.

If you’re new to the world of high-end washers and dryers, at first, it takes effort to look past the price tag. But as soon as you discover what’s inside, and what’s in store for you for years of happy laundering, you’ll have a hard time even thinking about going back. 

To help you see why homeowners happily invest in sets like Miele’s, we’ve compiled a list of the appliance’s most popular features. 


The Miele Honeycomb Drum

This unique sculpted structure is unique to Miele washing machines and allows a thin film of water to gently cushion your laundry and keep it gliding effortlessly around the drum. Not only does this provide cleaner garments, it also extends the life of your laundry.   


The Stain Option

Exclusive the Miele, this handy feature provides treatment options for up to 23 different types of stains and can effectively treat up to three stains at once. Simply choose the type of stain, and the wash programme will adjust accordingly to suit the specific stain. Additionally, the integrated stain removal guide will display tips on how to successfully tackle the stain. No stain is safe when Miele washing machines are involved. 


Eco-Friendly Insight

Miele washing machines offer a little insight into your energy consumption right on their digital display. This allows you to see exactly how efficient your machine is right in front of you. At the end of the cycle, the info will be automatically displayed, or you can call up an energy consumption prediction prior to beginning the cycle. 


Tough as Teeth

Miele is the only manufacturer of domestic laundry appliances that uses enamel to protect the front panels on their washers and dryers. This high-quality coating adds to the appealing look of the pair and protects them from scratches and corrosion. It also makes clean up a breeze. 


The Perfect Dry

If Miele appliances weren’t already perfect enough, the PerfectDry System further raises the laundry-appliance bar. Thanks to mineral sensors, Miele tumble dryers can determine how much calcium is in the water and adjust the drying process effectively according to the program you selected. 


Intelligent Drum Reversal

Another feature that keeps homeowners loyal to the Miele brand is the intelligent drum reversal system. This machine will change the rotational direction of the drum at irregular intervals to prevent laundry from tangling. This handy feature will ensure your garments are properly dried and prevent creasing. 


If you’ve got a new set of Miele laundry appliances headed your way, prepare for their arrival by reading our previous post first: Buying a New Washer & Dryer? What to do Before Your Kelowna Appliances Arrive.


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