Warming up to 2019: Top 5 Spring Home Appliance Trends

Warming up to 2019: Top 5 Spring Home Appliance Trends
Jenn-Air’s Obsidian black interior built-in fridge is one of the biggest home appliance trends for 2019.

As the crocuses poke their colourful heads through the snow, Okanagan residents are also waking up to home improvement projects. Spring is a great time to invest in new home appliances, as it’s when appliance manufacturers tend to release their latest and greatest products. Read on to see what technological advances, colours, and features are appearing on appliance store showroom floors, including here at Genier’s Appliances in Vernon, BC.


1. The New Metal

Obsidian may sound like the name of some screaming death metal band, but it’s actually the name of Jenn-Air appliances’ new black interior built-in refrigerators. The black stainless steel finish, stainless steel accents and LED lighting dramatically transform food into works of art. See how your food can pop with colour by reading our press release about Jenn-Air’s new line of black interior fridges, now available at Genier’s Vernon appliance showroom.


2. Shut the Oven Door!

With double wall ovens making a comeback in modern kitchens, another kitchen appliance trend has arisen and that’s the advent of French oven doors! GE appliances have revolutionized the traditional bottom hinged oven door with its built-in French door single convection wall oven, which allows for single-handed opening of both oven doors at the same time.


GE Cafe Oven


3. Where’s the Remote?

Numerous appliance manufacturers are getting on the smart technology bandwagon, including KitchenAid appliances, which has recently released a number of technologically smart ovens, commercial-style electric and gas ranges, and cook processors. There’s even a multi-functional smart display central hub, which you can use to look up recipes, make shopping lists, and operate your appliances hands-free.


4. Under the Counter

Under-the-counter appliances are becoming more popular as people continue to find ways to save space and integrate more appliances into their kitchen design. Case in point is the Silhouette line of built-in under-the-counter appliances. A subsidiary brand of Danby appliances, the Silhouette line includes wine and beverage fridges and even an ice maker that have the look, design and feel of regular-size fridges, but can easily fit under a counter for quick and easy access.


5. Where There’s Smoke

Kitchen ventilation has come a long way from that unsightly range hood with the noisy fan over your oven. The latest trend coming to kitchens near you feature concealed ventilation, where there is no visible range hood. Broan appliances offer a number of hidden ventilation options that eliminate smoke and odours without being seen.


For more space saving ideas, read our blog on When, Why, and How You Should Use Stackable Washers and Dryers.


Looking to go appliance shopping this spring? Genier’s Appliances in Vernon, BC features a showroom and live kitchen with all the best brands in home appliances that not use the smart technology but also fit into sleek and modern home design.


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