Vernon Appliance Repairs: Troubleshooting Refrigerator Problems

Vernon Appliance Repairs: Troubleshooting Refrigerator Problems
Our Vernon appliance repairs team has created a troubleshooting guide so you can avoid service calls for simple refrigerator problems.

by Natalie Appleton

The last thing you need is a broken down fridge, but if your refrigerator is having problems, you might be able to get it back up and running yourself so you won’t even need to call a Vernon appliance repairs company.

A lot of fridge issues are simple problems that can be fixed without even a tool. That’s why we created a handy troubleshooting guide for this all-important kitchen appliance.


The problem: No power

If your fridge isn’t running and the lights are off, try these steps to see if you can get the power going again.

  1. Is the power cord loose? If it’s not plugged in tight or the receptacle is worn, the plug might not be able to make a connection.
  2. Is the power cord frayed or worn? Mice can chew through these wires or they can just become strained when you move your fridge.
  3. Check your fuse box to make sure the switch is on and power can get to the outlet.
  4. Plug a lamp into the outlet to see if the lamp will turn on. If it doesn’t, you know there’s an electrical issue and your fridge might be fine.


The problem: Your fridge is running but your food is warm

When your fridge has power but it’s clearly not cooling your food, our appliance repairs experts suggest trying these steps before calling for service.

  1. Check your thermostat. It should be on and set to the right temperature (usually somewhere in the middle). The dials on some fridges are easy to accidentally move.
  2. What does the inside light do when the door closes? If that light bulb you use to see what’s on your shelves is staying on when the door is closed, it could be heating up your fridge enough to throw off the temperature and warm your food. How can you check? Stick a butter knife between the gasket (the rubbery seal around the edge) and close the door. If light shines out, the switch needs to be fixed. Until that happens, just loosen the bulb so it goes off when the door is closed.
  3. Check for ice build-up. If you have a frost-free fridge and your freezer is packed with ice-build-up, you’ll need to defrost the freezer by unplugging it and call for service.
  4. Vacuum your coils. When dust and dirt build-up on the coils at the back of your fridge, it can cause the compressor to shut down the fridge.


Hopefully these troubleshooting tips will help you avoid an appliance repairs service call and get your refrigerator back up and running.

Want to extend the life of your refrigerator? Check out our post on fridge maintenance tips.


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