Vernon Appliance Repairs: 3 Tips to Avoid Refrigerator Repairs

Vernon Appliance Repairs: 3 Tips to Avoid Refrigerator Repairs
Dust and dirt trapped at the back of your fridge prevents the condenser coils from being able to help keep your fridge cold. You can avoid phoning a Vernon appliance repairs team by following these fridge maintenance tips.

by Natalie Appleton

When your fridge breaks down, your kitchen comes to a halt, never mind the expense and inconvenience of having it fixed. Thankfully, our Vernon appliance repairs experts have some handy tips you can follow to avoid most refrigerator issues.

Thirty minutes of regular maintenance every few months means you won’t have to phone in an appliance repairs specialist. That’s going to save you time, money and all that food you won’t have to throw out.

Before you begin any fridge maintenance, be sure to unplug your fridge.


Tip 1: Clean the door gasket

You know that bendy white material around the door of your fridge? This is called the gasket, and it seals the cold air in your fridge when you close the door.  Because of their location, gaskets take the brunt of a lot of spills—juice, jam, syrup.

To avoid your gasket gluing to the fridge—and, in the worst case, tearing when the door opens after a long-ignored sticky spill—spend a few minutes every month wiping down your gasket. Just a bit of warm water and a sponge should do the trick so you can keep your gasket sealing that cold air in your fridge.


Tip 2: Clean the condenser coils and fan

Your condenser coil can clog up quickly with pet hair and dust, making your fridge run much less efficiently. Condenser coils are located at the back of your fridge along the bottom, and their job is to cool the refrigerant by releasing heat. When the condenser is dirty, it forces your compressor to work too hard. The result? A higher engery bill and a fridge that peters out faster.  

The best way to clean the coils is by using a coil cleaning brush you can find at an appliance parts store because it’s designed to fit in those little nooks and curves. You can also use your vacuum’s nozzle attachment to help suck away built-up dust.

To clean the condenser fan, take off the back cover at the bottom (if your coils are at the bottom). Wipe away any dirt or dust so the fan can properly circulate air and cool the coils. You’d be amazed at what our appliance repairs members have found in these fans!


Tip 3: Clear the freezer vents

If you have a frost-free fridge and an upper freezer, it can be easy for food to stack and block the freezer vent. Move those packages of fries and green beans to the side so your vent can properly circulate air in the freezer. It’s also important to only fill your freezer about three-quarters full so that cold air can circulate.

Some regular maintenance on your fridge will eliminate your need to call an appliance repair company, saving you time and money.


Does your fridge or other kitchen appliances need servicing? The trained, honest appliance repair team at Genier’s will help get your fridge up and running so you can keep your kitchen going.


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