The Silent Treatment: Quiet Appliances in Kelowna

The Silent Treatment: Quiet Appliances in Kelowna
New, absorbent materials are being used in the making of once noisy dishwashers, for example, to create the quietest kitchen appliances Kelowna has ever seen.

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When you think about noisy appliances, it’s probably the blender or the vacuum that comes to mind. In fact a few other household appliances—refrigerators and dishwashers—can sound like small jets taking off right in your kitchen and disrupting conversations, even sleep. Thankfully, manufacturers have heard your prayers, and new technology is delivering the quietest household and kitchen appliances Kelowna has ever seen.


What causes appliance noise?

The inner workings of most appliances call for motors to run and fans to spin, and that generates fast-moving mechanical vibrations. Those vibrations, “…stir air molecules that generate a pressure or sound wave in the surrounding air1.”

With fridges and dishwashers being made of rigid materials, these appliances vibrate even more and transmit the sound to other areas.

Our Kelowna appliances experts say appliance noise has become one of the biggest factors in how people choose a kitchen appliance that’s notorious for being loud: the dishwasher.


How are manufacturers now making quiet appliances?

What do you usually do when you need to stifle sound, like the alarm that accidentally went off and could wake the kids or neighbours? You cover it up with something like a pillow. Appliance manufacturers have taken the same approach to silence noisy appliances. 

Insulation made of synthetic materials, for example, is being used to surround the shell of an appliance and absorb as well as break up vibrations and harmonics.

The result? Dishwashers with ‘silent run’ features so quietly you don’t even know they’re running. Many dishwashers with a silent mode even use an indicator light so you know it’s on because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to tell!

Now you don’t have to leave the kitchen or crank up the volume on the TV when it’s time to wash your whites or run the dinner dishes.

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