The New Must-Have Refrigerator for the Modern Kitchen

The New Must-Have Refrigerator for the Modern Kitchen
The latest trend in kitchen appliances, the column refrigerator has a built-in design that can be integrated into your kitchen cabinetry.

The kitchen appliance market is making exciting changes. Some of the best-known brands are releasing a new line of column fridges. First released around 15 years ago, these flush-mountable appliances are now gaining in popularity.

These refreshed designs are also now more energy efficient and include a variety of new features. For consumers, these highly-desired features include energy saving, sleek designs, colour combinations, new configurations and more.


Learn more about what makes new column fridges a must-have for the modern kitchen in our latest press release: Built-in Kitchen Appliances: Column Refrigerators Are the New Must-Have for the Modern Kitchen


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