The New Age: 3 New Home Appliances that Will Update Your Home

The New Age: 3 New Home Appliances that Will Update Your Home
Bring your kitchen into the new age with new home appliances.

If your home is still looking as if it was featured in the pages of some 1980s’ design magazine, then it may be time to get with the times and update your home appliances.

There have been leaps and bounds made in laundry and kitchen appliances when it comes to style, design and the way they operate (think remotely).

Here we look at some of the newest appliances on the market:



1.  One Laundry Machine that Does it All

Besides the upcoming line of sunset bronze Whirlpool appliances, Whirlpool has also produced a smart all-in-one care washer and dryer combo. Perfect for a smaller space, the smart combo actually washes and dries one load of laundry in the same machine and as it is ventless, it can be placed just about anywhere in the home.

A smart appliance in all sense of the word, the unit can be controlled remotely via the Whirlpool mobile device, which lets you know when your laundry is done. It can also be connected to Amazon’s Alexa voice control, which will allow you to pause and start the cycle, and also tell the dryer to run the WrinkleShield option.


2. The Tall Poppy of Refrigerators

A number of appliance manufacturers are coming out with column refrigerators, a single purpose unit that includes a fridge, freezer and even a beverage fridge that is built into the wall of your kitchen and can be integrated into your cabinetry.

The most anticipated models coming to your Vernon fridges’ appliance store in the coming year include Fisher & Paykel and JennAir. The latter’s Cuts leather column refrigerator, expected to be released in late-2018, is covered in leather sourced from Italian tanneries. It can be installed with a dual leather look that will help you distinguish your fridge from your freezer.


3. Leader of the Pack in Cook Ranges

Imagine cooking with gas and electric at the same time? You can with Wolf appliances’ Dual Fuel Range.

Now on the market, the luxury appliance brand has developed an oven that comes in measurements from 30-to-60 inches, with all the features found in professional gas ranges. This includes dual-stacked, sealed burners and cooktop options that include grill, griddle, and French Top and a convection electric oven with two fans and four heating elements that let you select from 10 different heating modes. 

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