The Best Appliances for Busy People

The Best Appliances for Busy People
Getting food on the table in short order is made easy with these—our best appliances for busy people on the go.

Some days, it feels like you practically sprint from the school run to meetings to the school run to the musical school and soccer fields. Somewhere in between, you at least think about making one square meal for everyone. How can you make ‘real food family dinners’ a reality? It’s all in the best appliances for busy people.

Fortunately, appliance manufacturers have figured out how they can create new products and features to suit families and professionals on the go.

If even just one of these best appliances could save you a few minutes a day, maybe you’d finally be able to finish that book you started last summer.


Speed Ovens

Miele Oven Appliances Kelowna

Miele’s sleek and stylish speed ovens cook food quickly and efficiently.

Yes, speed ovens do exist, and yes, they do reduce cooking times by almost half. Speed ovens are a hybrid between a microwave and an oven, which means that roast chicken you actually remembered to thaw for dinner could be ready in just 30 minutes. And don’t worry; the texture of your chicken will remain succulent and juicy, just as it would have if it had been cooked in a regular oven.

If you’d like a little more information on the benefits of speed ovens, take a look at our previous post: Speed Ovens: The Kelowna Appliance Solution for Time-Pressed Meals.


Speedy Dishwashers

Dishwasher Kamloops Appliances

Bosch dishwashers can complete a load in just 20 minutes.

If you forgot to turn the dishwasher on before you left for work, don’t worry about it. Gone are the days of waiting two hours for your dishes to emerge from the dishwasher before you can set the table for dinner. Some of the best appliances for washing dishes need only 20 to 30 minutes to complete a wash cycle. 


Speedy Coffee

GE Coffee Appliances Vernon

GE offers refrigerators that brew your K-cups for you.

Weekday mornings at home can be nothing short of chaotic, and you wouldn’t be the first person to run out the door without your caffeine fix because you didn’t have time to brew a pot.

Fortunately for busy people everywhere, GE has released a refrigerator model that actually has a Keurig K-Cup brewing system built into the door. With the press of a button, hot coffee is dispensed right into your waiting to-go cup, saving you precious minutes during your morning routine.


Self-cleaning Ovens

Maytag Self Cleaning Oven Kelowna

Maytag provides ovens with aqualift technology.

OK, self-cleaning ovens are nothing new. However, aqualift ovens are an improved version and are hands down the best appliances when it comes to self-cleaning ovens. Instead of high temperatures and long waiting times (not to mention a burning stench that fills the house), aqualift ovens use water and low heat to self-clean. Plus, they can release tough, baked-on messes in under an hour.


Time and Space-saving Countertop Appliances

Wolf Gourmet countertop oven geniers appliances

Wolf Gourmet’s high-performance countertop ovens are perfect for quick meals of any size

Wolf Gourmet has released a countertop oven that does all the same jobs as your regular oven, but because of its size, you’ll spend less time waiting for it to preheat. It also boasts an integrated temperature probe that ensures perfectly cooked food without you having to check on it and adjust the temperature.

Wolf Gourmet also offers high performance toasters, blenders, and cookware. These are appliances Kamloops families can really get excited about.


To learn more about Wolf Gourmet’s high quality small appliances, check out our post Wolf Gourmet: Countertop Kelowna Appliances


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