The 5 Big Benefits of Cooking with Gas Ranges

The 5 Big Benefits of Cooking with Gas Ranges
Gas ranges offer up big benefits to chefs of all skill levels.

What was once mostly used in commercial kitchens, gas ranges are starting to become commonplace in many homes. Its efficiency, ease of cleaning, and industrial style are in high demand for homeowners looking to combine their love of cooking with their passion for a functional kitchen. Whether you’re a master chef or a chef in training, a gas range can serve up a ton of cooking advantages. 


1. All the Control

When you use a gas range, you’ll notice just how in control you are. From adjusting the temperature to spending less time waiting for a pot of water to boil, gas cooktops allow you to master the art of cooking at the touch of a knob. Temperatures are also highly responsive to the slightest adjustments. 


2. A Quicker Cook

One of the benefits professional chefs enjoy with gas cook ranges is the ability to prepare more dishes in a shorter amount of time. With decreased cook times due to the quick heating source underneath, people who have experienced cooking with gas hardly ever go back to alternative methods. 


3. Even Heat Distribution

Thanks to their central location, the flames on a gas cooktop allow for even heat distribution throughout the entire pot or pan. This reduces the risk of scorching select spots on the cookware and the food contained within. It also prevents cooler spots from interfering with the way the ingredients cook up. When dealing with more complex recipes, even heat distribution plays a vital role in the dish’s success. 


4. Gas Ranges Don’t Stop During Power Outages

Unlike electric stovetops, gas stovetops are able to function during power outages. This can be especially important if the power cuts out during a particularly chilly day. Safely monitored, this much-loved cooking appliance can double as a heat source and give you and your family members a little reprieve from the cooler room temperature. 


5. Easy to Clean

A gas stovetop is usually much easier to clean than its counterparts. However, proper kitchen ventilation is key in helping to keep not only the range clean, but the rest of the kitchen as well. The greasy smoke and food-stained odours that accompany a big meal can be easily combated with a properly installed hood. A range hood will also reduce gunky build-up from accumulating on the stove and other kitchen appliances. 


If you’ve made the switch to a gas range or have always had one, you may want to consider installing a hood or upgrading your current one. Check out our previous post for some insight into the different types of hoods available out there: A Range of Range Hoods: Choosing Kitchen Ventilation in Kelowna and Vernon


Gas ranges and range hoods come in a wide variety of size and styles. To find one that works the best for you and your family, come and speak to the experts at Genier’s in Vernon for honest advice and quality appliances. We offer the largest live showroom in the Interior and can show you some of the best models in action.


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