Steam Ovens: A Great Kitchen Appliance for Okanagan Foodies

Steam Ovens: A Great Kitchen Appliance for Okanagan Foodies
More and more families in Kelowna & Vernon are turning to steam ovens to cook flavourful, nutritious and convenient meals.

For centuries, Asians have been cooking fish and vegetables with the gentle heat of steam, and for good reason. Kelowna and Vernon foodies are now recognizing the value too! Steam cooked foods are delicious as well as nutritious, and now there’s an appliance to make it easy for you to enjoy steam cooking in your home—the steam oven.

Steam ovens are one of the most innovative new kitchen appliances to be introduced by the appliance industry in decades. Appliance experts predict within years most kitchens will have a steam oven because there are so many benefits to steam cooking.


How Steam Ovens Work

This stand-alone appliance can be integrated anywhere in your kitchen since it requires no plumbing. The Miele steam oven generates steam outside the oven cavity so you can steam cook quickly and consistently. Hot steam—ranging from 40 to 100 C—infuses your food from all angles, and the three trays allow you to cook up to three different dishes at once while each food keeps its unique aroma.


Why You’ll Love Cooking With Steam

It’s healthier. When foods are boiled, water peels away many of the nutrients. Steam ovens, however, preserve the vitamins, minerals and trace elements you want your family to take in. Broccoli, for example, contains 50 per cent more vitamin C when it’s steamed than when it’s boiled, and a steam cooked pepper contains as many minerals as a raw pepper.

It’s more flavourful. In addition to retaining nutrients, steam ovens let foods keep an enhance their intense, natural flavours. This gentle method of cooking is perfect for delicate and fragrant foods such as fish and vegetables as well as grains and pulses, but you can even cook meat, potatoes and desserts with steam!

It’s easy. In Vernon, Kamloops and Kelowna, appliances such as the steam oven are really catching on because they deliver nutritious and delicious meals with all the convenience of a microwave. The steam heats quickly so your cooking times are the same as it would take to boil a food, and the steam always presents an al dente consistency you can count on. Plus, you can cook three dishes—fish, carrots and potatoes—all at once in a single, easy to clean steam oven.


Are you ready to start cooking with steam? When you’re looking for expert advice and high quality kitchen appliances, Kelowna, Kamloops and Vernon homeowners trust Genier’s.


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