Speed Ovens: The Kelowna Appliance Solution for Time-Pressed Meals

Speed Ovens: The Kelowna Appliance Solution for Time-Pressed Meals
With so many appliances in Kelowna to choose from, you might miss one of the most popular new products: speed ovens. Miele is one of many brands who offer these time-saving appliances.

Racing from work to school to piano lessons or the hockey rink while trying to cram in a nutritious family dinner can be a precarious balancing act. That’s why we wanted to introduce you to speed ovens, one of the Kelowna appliances making life easier for Okanagan families, one meal at a time. 


What is a speed oven?

A speed oven is three appliances all rolled into one: a microwave, an oven, and a combination of both. You can use either function alone or combine the two for dishes cooked to perfection within minutes. Meat, potatoes, and baked goods all emerge from the speed oven looking golden brown and crisp, just like grandma used to make, but in half the time.


How does it work?

As the name implies, a speed oven is a hybrid between a microwave and an oven. As our Kelowna appliances experts will tell you, by using really low levels of microwaves combined with thermal heat, the speed oven is able to cook meals and bake cookies in less than half the time of a traditional oven while keeping the texture of your masterpiece in tact.

Energy efficient and reliable, speed ovens require little to no preheating, and they conserve energy since the heat is directed at your food and not at the space between the walls.  


Why you’ll love it

Got a full schedule ahead of you but still want to whip up a batch of cookies from grandma’s cherished recipe book? Mix up the batter and let the speed oven bake a dozen in less than five minutes.

Or, instead of spending hours roasting a chicken, toss the garnished bird into a speed oven and watch it cook before you can finish your side dishes or set the table.

If, during your hectic morning, you forgot to pull the premade frozen lasagna out of the freezer, pop it in your speed oven and serve it up twenty minutes later. By cutting the amount of time you spend in the kitchen waiting to ready a hot meal, you’ll find yourself free to enjoy time with the family, get caught up on emails, or just take some time out to sit and relax after a long work day.


Looking to cook your food more gently, retain more nutrients, while still cutting down cook time? Read up on how a steam oven can help you!


When the clock seems to be ticking a little faster, stop in and visit your local Kelowna appliances professionals at Genier’s Appliances in Vernon, with more than 58 of the world’s best brands, unbeatable service, and live kitchens featuring speed ovens.


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