Slide-in or Freestanding Range? Kelowna Appliance Experts Debate Differences

Slide-in or Freestanding Range? Kelowna Appliance Experts Debate Differences
Example of a slide-in kitchen range by Kitchenaid.

by Natalie Appleton

From birthday cakes to turkeys, inside your new oven, you’ll cook some of your family’s most memorable dishes, and you’ll spend a lot of time looking at this all-important appliance. When you’re searching for the best ranges at Kelowna, Kamloops, or Vernon appliance stores, it’s important to understand the difference between slide-in and freestanding ranges.

So, what’s the difference between these two designs? For the most part, and to many people, it all comes down to looks.


Differences between slide-in and freestanding ranges:

Controls and backguards

Kitchenaid Slide-In Range Vernon Appliance
Example of freestanding kitchen range by Kitchenaid.

On a slide-in range, you’ll find the oven controls and the burner right up front. On a free-standing range, all the burner and oven controls are located on a backguard at the back of the burners.

When you have a backsplash you love, you might want to show it off with a slide-in range instead of blocking it with a freestanding range’s backguard. You’ll usually find burner controls at the back on electric ranges and up front on gas ranges.



Slide-in ranges, which are designed to ‘slide-in’ between cabinets on both sides, have un-finished sides. Freestanding ranges, as the name implies, can stand freely and at the edge in your kitchen because its sides are covered.

Because this is what gives slide-in ranges a custom look, this is one of the features that often sways buyers one way or the other. At our Vernon appliance store, we’ll be sure to ask about the layout of your kitchen as well as your cooking needs when you’re searching for the best range for you.



We all know what it’s like to clean the crumbs that have trickled down between the oven and the counter with a free-standing range. Slide-in-ranges, however, have about an extra two inches to overlap the countertop to keep crumbs on the counter.



Price is a big factor when choosing an appliance, and ranges are no exception. You’ll find better selection and prices freestanding ranges, for some homeowners are willing to pay more for the custom look and cleanability of a slide-in range.  

Thinking about a gas slide-in range? Check out our post on the joy of cooking with gas.


When you’re searching for the perfect range, you need the kitchen appliance experts at Genier’s on your side for solid advice about the Interior’s best selection of ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and more.


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