Side-swing Ovens: An Amazing New Kelowna Appliance Feature

An oven that swings open from the side? Yes, it’s true. Imagine not having to contort your body to lift a piping hot roaster up over a door. We’re always talking about the latest Kelowna kitchen appliances to make your life easier, but the side-swing oven might just take the cake.

Side-swing ovens, originally designed for chefs in wheelchairs, were once pretty hard to find and also expensive. But manufacturers have discovered an opportunity to adjust the design of conventional ovens and bring the side-swing oven to the masses.

So, here’s a profile of two side-swing ovens to help you find the one that’s just right for your cooking needs when you’re shopping for your Kelowna appliances.


The High-End Side-Swing Oven

Gaggenau, one of the best appliance manufacturers in the world, has been leading the oven category and offering side-opening wall ovens for years.

Kelowna kitchen appliance Gaggenau side open oven
Source: Gaggenau

You’ll pay a premium for their superior design, performance and durability, but, in addition to doors that swing open from the side, with Gaggenau you’ll enjoy features such as:

  • Thermo-Test, which tells you the actual temperature inside the oven at any moment
  • Air cleaning to keep grease from splattering and smells from escaping
  • 17 heating modes such as pizza stone and rotisserie to help you cook a range of foods with precision and ease
  • Incredibly fast pre-heating capabilities
  • A choice of 24 and 30-inch sizes


Kelowna side open Oven by Bosch
Source: Bosch

The Value-Priced Side-Swing Oven

The Bosch Benchmark side-swing oven is offered at a really reasonable price point, making it an attractive option for homeowners shopping for Kelowna appliances who want the side-swinging feature without a luxury appliance price tag. Bosch is also a reliable brand our experts are quick to recommend.

Along with that handy side-swing door, you’ll enjoy features such as:

  • True convection—three fans blowing warm air over your dishes for full and and faster cooking as well as great meat searing.
  • Auto Probe helps you easily achieve the perfect medium rare or well done, for example.
  • Built-in look with the wall oven model


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