Stale Ice Cubes In Your Refrigerator? See Our Vernon Kitchen Appliance Store’s Cure

Stale Ice Cubes In Your Refrigerator? See Our Vernon Kitchen Appliance Store’s Cure
If your icemaker that's producing stale ice, it might have more to do with your refrigerator than your freezer.

by Natalie Appleton

When kitchen appliance stores began selling refrigerators with built-in icemakers, most of us thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. And then the ice went stale. If your icemaker is churning out ice that tastes or smells a little off, we can help.

“Our ice tastes like garlic.” “Like soap.” “Like chemicals.” “Like it’s freezer-burnt.” At Genier’s Appliances in Vernon, we’ve heard it all. No one likes the taste of stale ice. Fortunately, your fridge is fine and stale ice is an easy fix. 


Possible Causes of Stale Icemaker Ice Cubes:


The absorption of food odours.

Since there are no mechanical parts in your fridge that could be causing your ice cubes to taste bad, the cause of your stale ice is probably open, spoiled or spilled food. In many refrigerators, the freezer’s air is circulated throughout the whole fridge and back, leaving your ice to absorb the tastes and odours of items in your fridge.

So, if you have strong-smelling or old produce such as broccoli or cantaloupe, be sure they’re sealed in air-tight bags or containers. You’ll also want to replace your icemaker ice regularly because the longer it sits, the more time it has to take on the taste of cabbage. Another tip is to slide a box of baking soda into your freezer to help absorb all those aromas.


Bad water supply

If your water supply produces poor-tasting tap water, your icemaker ice cubes are going to have the same taste. Whenever water contains higher than normal amounts of salts, minerals, algae or sulfur, a funny taste can result. You might find a household water softener helps even levels, and some homeowners with hard water in Vernon, Kamloops and Kelowna are also having great success with our dishwashers with built-in water softeners.     


Old water filter

If your refrigerator is one of those convenient multi-tasking kitchen appliances with an internal water filtration system, your filter should be replaced about every six months. Conversely, if you don’t have an internal water filter model, you can actually buy a water filter kit from your manufacturer’s parts department as an accessory to help alleviate your stale ice problem.


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