4 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Appliances for the Better

4 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Appliances for the Better
Organizing kitchen appliances such as fridges allows for better food storage and security.

Organizing a kitchen can be as easy having your salt and pepper at hand near your cooking appliances or it can involve arranging your major appliances in a triangular formation to allow you to manoeuvre with ease between your fridge, cook range and dishwasher. At Genier’s Appliances, we have a few more tricks up our sleeves to help you organize your kitchen appliances so that they offer easier accessibility as well as better food preservation.

1. Make the Most of your Storage-Warming Drawer

Often underutilized, the built-in storage drawer that comes with most ranges can not only be used to store your pots and pans, but it can also be used as a warming drawer to keep your plates and food warm.

 Jenn-Air appliances offer a warming drawer with a pre-set temperature setting in its free-standing slide-in gas range as well as a built-in model that can be incorporated into cabinetry (including islands) that go along with its series of wall ovens.


2. Optimize your Food Storage

Using the right drawers and shelves in your fridge to store away food not only saves space but also keeps your items fresher longer and from contaminating one another. For example, while milk tends to be placed on the top shelf, it tends to survive best on the bottom shelf where it’s colder. The same goes for other dairy products such as yogurt, sour cream, and cottage cheese as well as packaged raw meat (the bottom shelf also prevents meat juice from dripping through your fridge).

A low humidity drawer (crisper) is best for fruit while a more humid drawer is best for vegetables. Eggs prefer a consistent temperature, so place them on the middle shelf, while butter and soft cheese can usually survive in the dairy compartment drawer at the top of the fridge.

Miele appliances’ PerfectCool Series French four-door refrigerator even offers a double freezer so you can keep your frozen meat away from your ice cream.


3. Invest in a Wine or Beverage Fridge

You’re usually asking for disaster when placing large wine bottle or other bulky containers in your regular fridge. Not only do they take up a lot of room, but they can also easily break while being pushed aside or jostled to get to your milk.
A fridge used for food is also not ideal for storing wine due to the difference in temperature. A wine fridge is normally regulated at between 45 and 55° F (7-to-13° C) while a typical refrigerator is set to 35° F (2° C).

Marvel appliances offer a line of professional dual-zone wine and beverage fridges that offer two controlled temperature zones offer dual options for wine and beverage storage.


4. Load your Dishwasher the Right Way

While there are many ways that dishwashers can be loaded, the best way is to keep your glasses from breaking and your dishes as clean as possible. For that reason, it’s best to:

•    Never stack items on top of one another
•    Load plates and bowls so that they face the water spray
•    Keep forks and spoons separated in the utensils’ rack
•    Place glasses and mugs in between the prongs, not on top of them
•    Know your water type before measuring your dishwasher detergent

For more information on the best appliances for your kitchen, read our blog: Dishing the Dirt on Dishwashers.

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