The Hottest Must-Have Kitchen Appliances Trends in 2017

The Hottest Must-Have Kitchen Appliances Trends in 2017
This year’s kitchen appliances and design trends are absolutely stunning.

If you’ve been putting off that kitchen renovation for the last couple of months
(or years), it may be time to finally get to work. There are some big trends floating around this year in kitchen appliances and designs, and they’re fantastic. From a modern take on wood panelling to hidden appliances, you’re going to love 2017 and what it does for your kitchen design ideas. 



Timeless Trends

1. Mismatched hardware finishes.
Many homeowners are opting for mismatched hardware when applying the finishing touches to their updated kitchen cabinets and drawers. By blending gold, copper, pewter, and stainless steel hardware, you can achieve a timeless yet eclectic look that adds a personal touch to your favourite space. 

2. Completely hidden appliances.
Although stainless steel appliances will always remain a kitchen staple, hidden appliances are making statements in kitchen designs all over the country. These hardly-noticed kitchen appliances add warmth and comfort to kitchens instead of a cooler industrial feel created by their counterparts. 

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3. Modern wood paneling.
Although wood paneling hasn’t been seen much since it’s hey day in your grandmother’s house during the 60s, we can say with confidence that it’s back and better than ever in kitchens across the country. Now referred to as shiplap, wood paneling has been given a modern-day facelift, and is now considered one of the hottest 2017 kitchen trends. 

4. Tuxedo-inspired cabinetry.
Lighter-hued upper cabinets and darker-coloured lower cabinets are all the rage in kitchen trends this year. Pairing complimentary colours like navy blue and soft gray are just one of the many varieties of colour choices being incorporated by homeowners and designers. 



Fads to Forget

1. Dark-toned kitchens.
If you’re upgrading your kitchen and Kelowna appliances, try to avoid dark coloured wood cabinetry and appliances. This once-popular fashion trend is on its way out, while white and bright kitchens are here to stay. 

2. Speckled granite and tiled countertops.
These out-dated countertops are being replaced with easier to maintain materials like quartz, marble, and butcher block.  

3. Integrated workspaces.
At one time, many designers believed that a built-in desk space would be a useful element to the design. However, many homeowners are just using the space for kitchen storage instead of its intended purpose. When doing a remodel, skip the designated desk and opt for more counter space instead. 

4. Over-the range microwaves.
This design trend is slowly coming to an end. Instead of installing a microwave over your range, incorporate a beautiful range hood that is not only functional but also a statement of its own. 

5. Brass hardware.
​While mismatched hardware is all the rage, brass is not. Try incorporating other finishes instead. 


If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen and incorporate some integrated appliances, come and speak to the appliance Kelowna, Vernon, and Kamloops experts at Genier’s. We’d be happy to discuss your remodelling project and introduce you to some of the best brands in today’s appliances.


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