Kitchen Appliances: Why Buying Local is Best

Kitchen Appliances: Why Buying Local is Best
If you’re ready to do some appliance shopping, read on to discover why buying from a local appliance store may be better for you and your community.

One of the biggest consumer movements to gain traction in the Okanagan, besides online shopping, is buying from and supporting small, local businesses. This movement has become a sense of pride among many locals. It’s given them the power to keep their hard-earned dollars in the local economy while feeling good about supporting their fellow Vernonites.


When it comes to finding the best brands in home appliances, many homeowners are looking for a local retailer instead of running into a big box store. If you’ve always wondered what the difference is between the two, we’re here to help. Here are just a few of the reasons why buying local kitchen appliances is better than picking them up at a big box store.


The Big Box Store

The Yays

  • Large selection of Canadian appliances in a large display area
  • Numerous kitchen display features with built-in appliances
  • More frequent sale pricing
  • Convenient locations and hours of operation


The Nays

  • No in-house appliance repair staff
  • Lack of sales staff with the proper appliance training and knowledge
  • Inconvenient appliance delivery schedules
  • Oftentimes, the delivery and installation is of poor quality
  • Hard to reach someone over the phone to discuss the appliance after purchasing


The Local Vernon Appliances Store

The Good Stuff

  • In-house repairmen available
  • Floor team members are well trained and have a thorough knowledge of the inventory
  • In-house delivery staff and installation professionals
  • More likely to meet your delivery and installation requirements
  • Easy to reach and communicate with
  • Plenty of promotions and sales prices throughout the year


The Not-so-Good Stuff

  • The location can be a little less convenient than big box stores
  • The display area may be smaller
  • There may be less live kitchen displays
  • Some prices may seem higher, but the differences are typically really small


Buying Local Benefits

Besides the aforementioned pros of shopping at a local store versus a chain store, there are a few other reasons why shopping local is better. Some of these reasons include:

  • Improving the local economy – on average, nearly 70 percent of the money spent in a local store stays within the local community. In a chain store, that number dwindles down to nearly 40 percent.
  • Supporting a local family – Buying local appliances not only improves the economy, but it can improve the lives of people that live in the same community as you do.
  • Ensuring future access to appliances – By buying local, you can help ensure that the appliances you rely on (and the service that comes along with them) will be there the next time you need them.
  • A more personalized experience – when you shop at a locally owned and operated store, you’ll get better customer service since the owner will be more invested in getting to know the clientele personally.


To help you keep those locally purchased appliances in perfect shape, check out our previous blog post: Super Helpful Tips to Extend the Life of Kitchen Appliances.


If you’d like to join the shopping local movement, come and visit the appliance experts at Genier’s in Vernon. We are home to the largest showroom in the Interior. Our non-commissioned sales stuff can introduce you to some of the best brands available.


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