Kitchen Appliances and Remodelling: 5 Space-Savvy Tips

Kitchen Appliances and Remodelling: 5 Space-Savvy Tips
Planning a remodel with updated kitchen appliances? Redesign your space by incorporating some of these appealing design tips.

You’ve been waiting for this day to come: remodelling day. You’ve flipped through tons of home design books and magazines, picked out and purchased updated kitchen appliances, and spent hours with the contractor going over paint and cabinet colours. Before you pull the trigger on your current remodel design, check out some of these design tips that will make your kitchen look roomier than it already is. 


1. Thoroughly plan out the lighting. A proper, well-designed lighting plan will actually visually expand your kitchen. It should be used to illuminate any dark corners and be easy to adjust depending on the amount of natural light entering the space. Small spaces benefit from reflective finishes that don’t produce a lot of glare. Use this to your advantage when selecting a backsplash or the finish of your chosen kitchen appliances.


2. Select kitchen appliances that work best in the space available. If your kitchen is more for show than an actual workspace, consider installing smaller appliances. Many luxury brands have designed flexible appliance sizes. 

Consider a smaller cooking appliance, like a two-burner range instead of the traditional four or five-burner model. Install a combination oven instead of a space-consuming oven, microwave, and toaster oven. Skip the wine fridge in the kitchen, and instead install it in the wine cellar or in the outdoor kitchen. 

When designing a kitchen, balance how useful an appliance is with your lifestyle with the amount of space it will take up.  


3. Utilize clean, unbroken lines of cabinetry. The illusion of increased space can be utilized by installing cabinetry in a way that reduces any disruption in the lines extending from one end of cabinetry to the other. If a loss of storage space can be afforded, reducing the number of wall cabinets or using simple shelving instead can also give the appearance of a larger space. 


4. Use paint and cabinet colours to create the illusion of a roomier space. When an eye is guided to look up and out instead of down, the viewer will actually believe the space is much bigger than it actually is. Use light colours at or above eye level and darker colours and finishes below that to help anchor the space. 


5. Reduce wasted space by rethinking the cabinet layout. While “L” and “U” shaped layouts are particularly popular in modern designs, they don’t always offer up the best space-saving designs. Sometimes a galley-style kitchen can provide more useable space and make the kitchen appear much larger than it really is. 

This layout may even leave an empty wall between the two parallel runs of cabinetry that would do really well to feature a floor to ceiling window or other strong focal point. 

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