Kelowna Appliances: Integrated Refrigerator Designs You'll Love

Kelowna Appliances: Integrated Refrigerator Designs You'll Love
Elegantly carved cabinetry tucks away your refrigerator.
Design by Moe Kitchen & Bath / Houzz

By Natalie Appleton

Stunning, seamless and timeless. Integrating your refrigerator into your kitchen cabinetry is one of the latest kitchen trends our Kelowna appliance experts are asked about by homeowners with a renovation or new build on the horizon.

What is a fully integrated refrigerator? It’s easy to get confused about the difference between integrated, panel-ready (overlay), and built-in appliances.

While built-in appliances fit snug into their space so it looks like the kitchen was built around it, you see their surface, often stainless steel.

Panel-ready, or overlay appliances arrive at your door, ready to be faced with a panel such as veneer so they can blend into your cabinet design.

Fully integrated refrigerators, however, are disguised in your kitchen because they’re covered with the same custom cabinetry you see everywhere else. Since there are no visible vents and they’re completely flush with your cabinets, you’d never know there was a fridge behind those doors.

What are the perks of an integrated refrigerator? As you can see in some of the impressive designs our Kelowna appliance team has picked out below, integrated appliances, particularly refrigerators, give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind design and floor plan versatility.

On Display

Many homeowners who have integrated-fridge freezers have their master cabinetmaker add intricate details like the trim and shelving in this design. You can have two fridge-freezers installed, or have a fridge on one side with an upright freezer next to it.

You can see how the look is completely seamless, flush with the cabinets and showing no sign of an appliance anywhere.

A Home of Its Own

This grand integrated refrigerator gives the look a built-in armoire crafted by a master. In this way, you can make your fridge a focal point, a piece of art.

The design to the right uses a crotch mahogany to elegantly contrast the white of the rest of the cabinetry and enclose the fridge. In kitchens going for traditional looks, fully integrated refrigerators give you a chance to keep your style consistent since many fridges offer a modern, stainless steel look.

Integrated refrigerator appliance mahogany
Sub-Zero/Wolf refrigerator in stunning mahogany.


Modern Camouflage

Many modern kitchens call for fresh, bright look. Fully integrated refrigerators such as the one below give your kitchen clean lines because it has the same frame and panel face as the rest of the cabinets, and so flush with everything else that you’d never know it was there. The drawers are just one more perk behind an integrated refrigerator.

If you’re considering a fully integrated refrigerator for your new kitchen, our sought-after Kelowna appliance team is here to help you get just the right fridge and fit so you can enjoy your investment for years to come.

Integrated Refrigerator Appliance CWB Architects
Seamless integration of refrigerator in kitchen cabinetry.
Design by CWB Architects / Houzz


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