Kelowna Appliances Insight: 4 Handy Features of Modern Dishwashers

Kelowna Appliances Insight: 4 Handy Features of Modern Dishwashers
Of all the Kelowna appliances on the market, modern dishwashers feature some of the most advanced features to make kitchen cleanup easy.

Dishwashers have come a long way in the last 10 years. Not only are they significantly more energy efficient than the models of yesteryear, they come packed with more useful features than ever. Before you think about upgrading your Kelowna appliances, it’s a good idea to see what’s available.

By doing your homework, you’ll be able to hone in on a model that suits your needs and budget. For example, if you live with just one other person, you likely won’t need a large-capacity model with a third drawer. Instead, you might be interested in a DishDrawer by Fisher & Paykel.

Here are some of the other available features and functions you may want to consider:


Built-in Food Disposal

It’s typically common practice to scrape your plate before you load a dishwasher. To deposit your plates with globs of food still clinging to the surface increased the chances of clogging the jets and drains. At the very least, this might hinder performance. At worst, you might need to find a shop that specializes in appliance repair Kelowna homeowners recommend.

These days, a number of dishwashers—such as this Maytag dishwasher with Chopper—feature hard food disposal that virtually eliminate the need for scraping or pre-rinsing dishes.

To learn more about safeguarding your dishwasher, read our post: Vernon Appliance Repairs: 3 Tips to Avoid Dishwasher Repairs.


Quiet Operation

For people who like to entertain guests, it’s nice to not have to talk over the din of your dishwasher after you’ve turned it on after a meal. The Miele Professional for the Home Dishwasher runs at a whisper-like 48 decibels, so most people won’t even know it’s on.

Otherwise, you can always opt for a dishwasher that features a delayed start function. The GE Café Series features a convenient countdown display with a 1-12-hour delay so you can wash dishes:

  • After your guests leave
  • While you sleep
  • During off-peak energy hours



For families with children, cold-and-flu season can be a challenge. Parents will do anything in their power to keep bacteria at bay. Fortunately, dishwashers are one of your Kelowna appliances that can help in this regard.

For instance, this KitchenAid dishwasher features a Sani-Rinse option that heats the final rinse water to 155°F, eliminating 99.999 per cent of food soil bacteria.


Display Options

With traditional dishwashers, the controls are typically located on the front of the door. When you’re researching new Kelowna appliances, you’ll notice more and more models are placing them on top of the door.

It may seem like a trivial thing, but if you use your dishwasher on a daily basis, you’ll appreciate not having to twist your neck to view the settings. There’s also a trend toward touch-screen controls that are:

  • Sleek and simple
  • Easy to use
  • Nearly invisible when not in use


Choosing the right appliances can be a challenge. Before you start shopping for new Kelowna appliances, come and talk to the experts at Genier’s in Vernon. Our non-commissioned sales team will be happy to discuss which makes and models will suit your lifestyle.


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