To Market: Keep Your Produce Fresh with State-of-the-Art Kitchen Appliances

To Market: Keep Your Produce Fresh with State-of-the-Art Kitchen Appliances
Your fruits and veg can have a longer shelf life when you store them in new and improved kitchen appliances such as fridges with advanced temperature control.

If you’ve been the farmers’ market lately, you know freshly picked produce and especially fruits and vegetables that have been grown organically have a shorter shelf life than the conventional produce we purchase at the supermarket.

Different fruits and vegetables also have different shelf lives. While potatoes, peppers, onions, pears and apples tend to last longer, berries, peas and tomatoes can start to go off sooner. 

However, there are some innovative developments in kitchen appliances, specifically fridges, which can help you determine when your food has reached its peak of perfection, and even keep your produce fresher for longer.


Waste Not, Want Not

Food waste is rampant in North America, and one of the reasons why is because we are not storing our food properly. While most homes do not come with airtight cold storage facilities, we can store our food more efficiently by placing items in a refrigerator that uses a dual evaporative cooling system. 

The GE Café ClimateKeeper uses a separate cooling system, one for the freezer and another for the fresh food compartment, which prevents cold air and humidity from getting into your produce. It also prevents food odours from spreading from your freezer to your fridge and vice versa.


Love Your Lettuce

One of the produce items that goes to waste the most due to improper storage is lettuce. However, fridges with advanced temperature controls can help greens last longer.

GE and Monogram both have a line of electronic temperature control fridges and freezers that allow for independent temperature control of fresh food. Adjusted between 1 and 9, with 9 being the coldest setting, the controls results in less temperature fluctuation, so you can keep your lettuce at the ideal temperature (40°F or colder is recommended). 


Know thy Shelf

It’s true that today’s fridges have a number of compartments to keep our food fresh, but did you know that the shelf you store your produce on can also help preserve it?   

According to experts, the upper shelves of the fridge have the most consistent temperatures while the lower shelves are the coldest. While prepared foods such as hummus, olives and deli meat as well as berries and herbs can last longer on an upper shelf, dairy, eggs and butter can actually last longer on the lower shelves. 


The Dawning of a New Food Age

Appliance manufacturers are starting to release new smart food and beverage fridges that can let you know when your produce, meat and dairy are about to expire.

While the technology is just beginning to appear in appliance warehouses, you can expect this new line of smart fridges to do more than just keep your food cold.

Through a WiFi connection, you’ll be able to scan the contents of your fridge to track expiration dates and be warned when an item is about to go off.


Curious about the latest smart technology being applied to Canadian appliances? Read our blog on 2 Smart Kitchen Appliances Trends to Watch Out For.


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