Kamloops Appliances Advice: Which Dishwasher Suits Your Lifestyle?

Kamloops Appliances Advice: Which Dishwasher Suits Your Lifestyle?
Kamloops appliances stores will be hard pressed to match the selection of high-end dishwashers available at Genier’s in Vernon.

After every home-cooked meal comes the inevitable (and unenviable) task of cleaning up. Whether it’s mac and cheese for family night or baked salmon with asparagus and a bottle of chardonnay on date night, someone has to do the dishes. To make this post-meal ritual a little more palatable, come to the Vernon appliance store with the best selection of top dishwasher brands in the Interior. Most stores carrying appliances in Kamloops can’t compete with our array of high-end models that cater to every lifestyle.

Most households use a dishwasher to speed up the dish-cleaning process and clear up counter space. Beyond that, the expectation is a clean set of plates and cutlery and not much else. That’s a shame because if you’ve only seen the Kamloops appliances that are available in big box stores, you’re missing out. After a trip to Genier’s, you’ll be amazed at the plethora of dishwasher options you can find in Vernon. Today’s dishwasher features can be tailored to suit the style and function needs of any household.

Here are a few examples:


If you’re the type that likes to host dinner parties, chances are you’re going to be left with a fair bit of stemware at the night’s end. Some models boast expandable racks capable of handling two dozen wine glasses. And if you happen to realize you’re running low on glassware when the party’s just getting interesting, Miele’s Professional For the Home series can run a complete cycle in 24 minutes. At a miniscule 48 decibels, your guests won’t even notice it’s running.


Large families create a surprising amount of dirty dishes. By the time breakfast, lunch and dinner have rolled by, you might need an engineering degree to squeeze in those final few utensils. A Bosch Benchmark Series featuring a third rack has 30 per cent more capacity. Storage crisis solved.


If you’re cooking for one, you’re not likely going to use a conventional dishwasher. It’ll take you a week to fill the thing and by then you’ll be out of dishes. You could just run it half-full, but that’d be a waste of energy. One option you likely won’t find at a Kamloops appliances store is the DCS Double DishDrawer by Fisher & Paykel. As the name suggests, this bad boy can run either a single drawer for smaller loads, or both for when it’s your turn to host the family for Thanksgiving dinner.


If any of the above situations intrigue you, but you’re worried about the challenges of hard water on dishwashers, take a gander at this post: Use Well Water in Kelowna, Vernon, or Kamloops? Here’s a Dishwasher You’ll Love.


If you’re shopping for a dishwasher at a Kamloops appliances store but nothing excites you, come check out the Interior’s largest brand selection at Genier’s in Vernon.


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