Kamloops Appliances Buyers: 7 Tips for Buying a Wine Fridge or Beverage Centre

Kamloops Appliances Buyers: 7 Tips for Buying a Wine Fridge or Beverage Centre
Buying wine refrigerators and beverage centres to fit into your kitchen's look is made easy with these seven tips.
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When the holidays roll around, many families like to spend time together and celebrate with the odd pint of ale or glass of pinto grigio. Having a wine and beverage fridge in your kitchen makes it easy for you stock up on and retrieve everyone’s holiday drink of choice. So, when you’re searching Kamloops appliance stores for your wine cooler or beverage centre, what should you keep in mind?


1. The types of beverages you want to cool

Are you a white-wine lover? Do you or your guests occasionally drink craft beers? Are there tiny diners in your house on occasion who might indulge in a can of soda?

Deciding what kinds of beverage you want to store will help you know if you want to look at dedicated wine fridges or combination beverage centres, which offer storage for both wine and cans.


2. Bottle capacity

Standard wine refrigerators hold about 28 bottles of wine. For most oenophiles and Kamloops appliance owners, even here in heart of BC’s wine country, that’s plenty.

If you’re interested in displaying your treasured vintage, choose a wine fridge that offers a full extension wine rack. This feature will allow you to store up to a dozen bottles on convenient sliding shelves.

If you’re considering a beverage centre, you could be looking at capacities of 12 wine bottles and 120 cans, or 150 cans alone.


3. Temperature controls

Some of the more advanced wine cooler refrigerators offer dual or multiple temperature zones to help both your reds and whites age graciously.


4. Cooling mechanisms

This is one feature you might not think of on your own. Kamloops appliance experts say that while compressors are superb when it comes to efficiency and price, they cause vibrations that can affect the quality of your wine as well as create noise in the kitchen.

Themoelectric refrigerators, on the other hand, eliminate vibrations but they’re more expensive and compact, which limits your capacity.


5. Lighting

Early generations of beverage centres used halogen or fluorescent lighting to help you find your favourite bottle. Now, you can find wine refrigerators that use LED lighting, which is efficient and emits less heat, which is important for storing wine.


6. The Doors

This is another feature that can impact how well your wines age and are displayed. Some of the door styles available include thermopane, insulated, tinted, temperated, mirrored and plain.

7. Finish

This option simply comes down to aesthetics, and fortunately, you’ve got several options to give your wine cooler or beverage centre a finish that’s in keeping with the rest of your kitchen. Options include stainless steel, platinum and wood.


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