How to Solve Problems with your Kitchen Ventilation

How to Solve Problems with your Kitchen Ventilation
Kitchen ventilation can be integrated into the design of your kitchen while keeping harmful toxins at bay.

Those who own a gas-powered vehicle know how vital the exhaust system is in removing harmful emissions caused by toxic gases. Your kitchen’s ventilation system works in the same way. The exhaust hood, fan, filter and ductwork together in capturing heat and contaminants and diverting them from permeating the atmosphere in your home. Proper ventilation also prevents damage from water and smoke when you steam, boil and fry foods on the cooktop.

Here we offer some of the main ventilation problems that can occur in a kitchen, along with their solutions.


Turning on the Fan

The fan is one of the main components of your ventilation system and is used to improve the air quality in not only your kitchen but throughout your home. Usually located above cook ranges, they often operate with the touch of a switch or button. The problem is that some people forget to turn on their fans while cooking.

One of the best brands in ventilation, Broan Appliances, has manufactured a line of fans that use hands-free, auto-sensing technology to detect humidity or motion. The sensor detects rapid increases in moisture levels at the ceiling, where steam and humidity naturally rise, and automatically turns the fan on.


Keeping the Pollutants at Bay

As some gas ranges emit harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde, it’s especially important to have an exhaust hood that is properly installed and vented to the outdoors.

Wolf appliances has a wide array of contemporary ducted ventilation systems and range hoods that can be tucked out of sight or that can complement your kitchen’s design. This includes:

•    Wall chimney hoods
•    Island hoods
•    Downdrafts
•    Hood liners


Hiding the Hood

As some ventilation systems can take up a lot of room or look a tad unsightly, some people are opting for slide-out or retractable range hoods, which can be pulled or slid out when in use and then be placed out of sight in a cabinet when retracted.

Bosch appliances offer a series of sleek pull-out range hoods that come with a stainless steel panel that can be replaced with a custom cabinetry panel.


Reducing Noise and Energy Usage

One of the main reasons homeowners don’t turn on the exhaust fan in their kitchens is due to the noise some of them make while in operation.

As combustion engines typically have a muffler to reduce noise pollution, so do some of the latest Canadian appliances’ brands in ventilation for your kitchen. This includes GE appliances’ Energy Star certified line of vent hoods. Not only do they use 70 percent less energy in the lighting than standard models, but the quiet design also keeps sound levels down to 1.3 Sones, which is below the Energy Star requirement of 2.0 Sones.


Installing and Maintaining Vent Systems

A properly installed and maintained ventilation system is as important as getting your car serviced by a licensed mechanic. To make sure your ventilation works correctly, purchase your range hood from a BC appliances company that offers a wide selection of range hoods and systems by respected manufacturers. Make sure these companies offer suggestions on how to have your system professionally installed so that it does the job it’s made to do. As for self-maintenance, a regular cleaning schedule is recommended on your vent hood and ducts as well as the exhaust fan filter if you have a ductless recirculating range hood.

For more information on the different types of ventilation, read our blog, Kitchen Confidential: Why Kitchen Ventilation is Important.

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