How to Choose Kamloops Appliances for Picky People

How to Choose Kamloops Appliances for Picky People
For homeowners with meticulous tastes, a matching laundry set is a given when it comes to shopping for Kamloops appliances

Let’s face it, we all know someone in our life that is picky beyond reason. You know, the one whose drink order at Starbucks requires its own instruction manual? Despite all of their weird and wonderful quirks, you love these exasperating people all the same. So, when it comes time to choose the best Kamloops appliances to meet their demanding needs, be sure to mention these helpful tips courtesy of the experts at Genier’s in Vernon:


Appealing to Your Suite Side

Fussy people tend to prefer conformity to individuality. When looking for Kamloops appliances, that means selecting ones similar in appearance. To achieve a uniform look, many homeowners—not just the picky ones—prefer to buy an appliance suite, meaning all one brand. This usually pertains to kitchen appliances:

  • Range
  • Vent hood
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator/freezer


The Invisible Kitchen

A penchant for a discreet or understated kitchen is a sign of someone with a fairly meticulous personality. There are many options to achieve this look with your Kamloops home appliances, the main one being panel coverings. To make your fridge blend in with the rest of your kitchen, fully integrated models are available that have panel-ready fronts you can use to match your existing cabinetry. Vent hoods are available as liner inserts, meaning they too can be hidden from view.


The Silent Treatment

Someone who gets easily agitated by even the quietest of sounds could be considered a little on the finicky side. Genier’s has a range of dishwashers are so quiet—some models by Bosch and Miele are less than 40 decibels—the sound is barely perceptible.


Socks Aren’t the Only Laundry Items that Have to Match

Some people are OK with mismatched laundry sets, but many aren’t. If you’re the type of person who irons your T-shirts, there’s a pretty good chance you wouldn’t even wash your clothes in anything but a matching set. But there are other features of laundry appliances that’ll appeal to those of selective tastes:

  • Energy efficiency: Some of the newer high efficiency top loading washers draw a fraction of the electricity of older models. Plus, because they have a better spin feature, clothes require less time in the dryer.
  • Become a fan: Certain models of high-efficiency front load washing machines feature fan technology. For example, Whirlpool’s FanFresh models dries out the drum after a cycle to prevent mould build-up. Some models can even dry a small load of washing.

For more on this fan technology, read Front Load Washers with a Fan: The Kelowna Appliance You’ll Love


Are you struggling to find Kamloops appliances that meet your exacting standards? Come visit the knowledgeable staff at Genier’s in Vernon. With the best selection of top appliance brands in the Interior, you’re sure to find makes and models that’ll exceed your expectations.


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