How to Be More Energy Efficient in Winter: Start with your Home Appliances

How to Be More Energy Efficient in Winter: Start with your Home Appliances
There are ways to stay warm this winter while still conserving energy using your home appliances.

With temperatures plunging, many Canadians have been staying inside, pushing up the degrees on their heating units to stay warm. This need for heat can also reflect on our electricity, gas and water bills. While lowering the temperature or cutting back on those hot baths may help, there are other, more comfortable ways you can cut back on energy consumption in winter. One way is to invest in energy efficient home appliances and maintain them through winter so that they conserve, not consume, power.


Be an Energy Star

Energy Star Rating

Attached to a number of Canadian appliances is a little blue sticker with a shooting star. Internationally recognized, the Energy Star® symbol indicates that a product is certified as energy efficient. Look for this symbol when appliance shopping, as it will help you save on energy bills even in the dead of winter. Cutting back on wattage and oil and gas consumption is also a great way to fight climate change. In addition, some ENERGY STAR certified products offer incentives and/or rebates.


Look for the Most Energy Efficient Appliances on the Market

Bosch energy star fridge

Every year, Energy Star recognizes the most efficient products available to consumers. This includes washers and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, ceiling fans, computer monitors, and windows. This year’s list includes Bosch appliances’ B10CB80NVW/01 bottom freezer refrigerator, named as one of the top kitchen appliances for energy efficiency and innovation due to its interior LED lighting, HydroFresh drawer, which keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer, compact layout, automatic defrost and other energy-saving features.


Operate and Maintain your Appliances for Maximum Efficiency

 appliance energy efficiency

The last thing you likely want to do in winter is defrosting your freezer, but maintaining your major appliances over the colder months are good ways to cut back on energy. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Keep your fridge temperature at around 36-38°F and your freezer at 0-5°F.
  • Defrost your freezer when there is a build up of one-half inch thick ice or more, or opt for Energy Star self-defrosting fridges and freezers.
  • Wait till your dishwasher or laundry machines are full before you run them
  • Use one cup or plate throughout the day
  • Run your washer on cold water
  • Use a pressure cooker, induction cooktop or another faster, efficient cooking appliance to cut back on cooking times
  • Multi-task when using your cook range by cooking more than one item at once.


Read What Others Have to Say about Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliance reviews are another way to find out about new appliances that save on utilities and conserve on energy. Look to reputable sites such as Consumer Reports and other resources that use third-party testers.

For more information, read our blog on 4 Ways to Find Honest Reviews on Appliances in Vernon.


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