How Do You Find The Best BBQ (For You) in Kamloops?

How Do You Find The Best BBQ (For You) in Kamloops?
Use our Vernon appliance store’s BBQ buying guide to make it easy to find your dream grill.

By Natalie Appleton

Here in the Okanagan, where temperatures are pretty bearable even when there’s snow, many families barbecue all year long. But when temperatures finally warm, the beach and the barbecue beckon every day. If it’s time for a new grill this season, use this guide prepared by our Kamloops appliance experts to help you choose the best barbecue for you.

Okanagan households tend to do a lot of entertaining, preferably outdoor entertaining. Your barbecue and outdoor sitting area act as a second kitchen/living room, and with the right barbecue, you can feed everyone with the meat you like most; cooked to perfection.

Before you head out to find your new best friend under a lid, answer these questions in our guide to buying a BBQ.


What to Look for in a Grill – Our barbecue buying guide

What kind of fuel do you want?

You’ve got a lot of options: gas, electric, wood pellet, charcoal or propane. Electrics are great for people living in Kelowna condos where gas or charcoal grills are prohibited. Gas will get you those searing hot temperatures quickly, but it’s tricky to get a steak just right.

Wood pellet burners offer that sumptuous smoke taste (but on everything, which isn’t always ideal), and the cleanability of charcoal isn’t ideal, but it gets the hottest, which is key for that dark steak crust you probably love, and it infuses food with a nice flavour.  

Because each type of fuel offers a different taste and temperature, some Kamloops homeowners choose two grills! Gas and charcoal combinations are common.


How big of a grill do you need?

Is it just you and your special someone, or does the whole fam-damily descend on your lakefront home every summer? It’s important to think about the number of people you’ll be cooking for when you’re considering the best size of a barbecue.

Our Kamloops appliance experts usually tell people to have about 100 square inches for each person, and remember that you don’t want to be crowding your meat or vegetables. Most barbecues tell you how many square inches of cooking surface you’ll have on the main grate. Make sure that number doesn’t include that warming rack, because it’s just that, an outdoor warming drawer.


What other features will help you make your favourite barbecue meals?

Modern barbecues offer a host of options to make it easy for you to entertain outdoors just like a chef.

  • Multi-zone temperature controls so you can cook two different dishes at the optimum heat level.

  • What’s your budget? Prices range from $150 to $5,000 for the Cadillac of grills.

  • Burners on the side let you boil corn without heating up your indoor kitchen.

  • Igniting method – starter or igniter.

  • Materials come in everything from stainless steel and bonded steel to cast aluminum and cast iron, offering different levels of durability.

  • Rotisseries on gas grills let you slow roast chicken to perfection.

Next to the perfect barbecue, what appliance makes entertaining in the Okanagan a breeze? Outdoor beverage centers. Read our post Why do Okanagan homeowners love beverage centres?


When you’re heading to Vernon, Kelowna, or Kamloops appliance stores to find the BBQ of your dreams, visit Genier’s Appliances in Vernon for the best selection of outdoor kitchens and all the expertise you need to make the right decision. 


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