Find Your Ideal Fridge Configuration with our Kelowna Appliances Experts

Find Your Ideal Fridge Configuration with our Kelowna Appliances Experts
When it comes to shopping for Kelowna appliances, choosing the right fridge for your lifestyle requirements is an important decision.

It wasn’t all that long ago refrigerators came with one basic setup. They had a door for the fridge itself, and another smaller one above for the freezer compartment. Inside the fridge you’d find a few shelves, two crisper drawers and some space in the door for extra storage. That’s it. These days, when you’re shopping for Kelowna appliances, the options for fridge configurations are staggering.

Here is a look at a few setups worthy of consideration:


Single Door

As the saying goes: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And while the exterior of these might look the same, the shelving layouts and other clever space saving devices still make these a practical choice for many families. In terms of bang for your buck in Kelowna appliances, Amana’s 22-cubic-foot unit has family-friendly features such as Spillsaver glass shelves and gallon door storage to accommodate big jugs of milk and juice.


French Doors

Also known as an armoire style fridge, this configuration is a nice blend of style and practicality. The side-by-side doors offer easier access, and if your kitchen is on the narrower side, the double-door configuration requires less clearance to open as well. For added versatility, something like GE’s fridge with a convertible bottom drawer that can be used for fresh food, frozen food, wine or beverages is a smart option.


Bottom Freezer

At first glance, this isn’t an overly earthshattering concept. But if you think of it from a retail advertising perspective, eye level is where you want your best merchandise to be. Most people tend to use their fridges more than their freezers, so it makes sense to have the fridge up top. It saves you having to bend over every time you’re looking for the pickle jar tucked way at the back on the bottom shelf.


Under Counter

If you don’t have enough fridge space, or you’re simply someone who likes to have all of the latest gadgets, then an under-the-counter fridge is for you. Ideal for rooms where you entertain or hang out away from the kitchen, or as supplemental beverage storage, these units can come in quite handy. Fisher & Paykel’s CoolDrawer comes with five settings—freezer, chill, fridge, pantry and wine—to suit every need.


Separate fridge and freezer

This allows for an extra measure of flexibility when it comes to planning which Kelowna appliances you’ll be installing in your dream kitchen. No one ever said the fridge and freezer had to be a double act. Something like Miele’s MasterCool 18-inch single door freezers work well as a companion to their refrigerator counterparts, but with 30- and 36-inch models also available, they can just as easily fly solo.


For more information on deep freezes, check out our post: Should You Buy a Deep Freeze? Advice from Your Kelowna Appliance experts.


Are you overwhelmed by all of the fridge configurations on the market? Call the Kelowna appliances specialists at Genier’s in Vernon for some friendly advice.


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