What’s the Difference Between Gas & Induction? Kelowna Appliances Pros Explain

For a long time, when anyone was talking about their dream kitchen, it involved these three words: “I want gas.” A gas stove top, that is. But today, more and more homeowners looking for Kelowna appliances to outfit their new kitchen are considering induction cooktops.

So, we thought we’d review some of the key differences and benefits of each of these kinds of cooktops.

Kelowna Appliances Gas vs Induction Cooktop
LEFT: Induction Cooking. RIGHT: Gas Cooking. When you’re looking for Kelowna appliances for your kitchen, understanding the difference between gas and induction cooking will help you choose the right range for you.


Heat source

Gas: This is the easy one. Gas cooktops use gas as the source of energy. If you don’t already have a gas range, you probably already have a gas-fuelled furnace and can get a gas line into your kitchen without too much trouble or expense. Once your line is ready and your stove is installed, all you have to do is ignite your flame quickly and easily with self-ignition from an electric spark. It’s a lot like lighting the barbecue. An even, precise source of heat is just one of the joys of cooking with gas.

Induction: This is the tricky one. Induction uses electricity and magnetism to make your pan the source of heat. Just turn on our induction stove, place an iron pan on top, and the coils will generate a magnetic field that excites particles in your pots and pans. You have to use pots and pans with a high ferrous metal content to convert currents into heat. For a great little infographic on how induction cooking works, check out our post: What Makes Induction Cooking Great? Kelowna Appliance Pros Explain.


Speed of cooking

Gas: Once the king of bringing water to a boil, gas is still much faster than coil or ceramic cooktops but it’s no longer the fastest (not even professional gas stoves at the highest heat setting).

Induction: Ninety seconds is all it takes to boil water on some induction stoves, now the fastest cooking method.



Gas: Whether you have a slide-in or a stand-alone gas range, the knobs tend to be in the front, just within arm’s reach of curious toddlers. On a cooktop, they’ll be near the grates and a little more out of the way.

Induction: One of the biggest reasons people looking for Kelowna appliances take the leap to induction is the safety factor. Since only an iron pan can heat up on an induction cooktop, you could hold your hand or your hair there for hours and it still wouldn’t singe, never mind burn.



Gas: Scrubbing grates in soapy water and scraping away hardened sauces is part of the bargain with gas (though many cooks gladly do it for that even, authentic heat). 

Induction: With just the wipe of a cloth when your pans are off, clean-up is over and instant since no part of the surface is warm when the cookware is removed.

If you’re shopping for Kelowna appliances and you’re not sure which kind of cooktop is right for you, visit the experts at Genier’s in Vernon, who can show you the difference in our live kitchens and on the best selection of appliances in the Interior.


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