Custom Vent Hoods: A Buying Guide For Kelowna Appliances In The Kitchen

Custom vent hood kelowna appliance

The options for a custom hood vent that'll add a work of art to your collection of Kelowna appliances can be dizzying, so follow this guide and seek expert advice at Genier's.

Choosing Kelowna appliances for your new kitchen can be a lot of fun. With so many styles, sizes and other convenient options to consider, your only real limitations are your imagination and budget. When it comes to selecting a matching custom vent hood that will meet your home decor and air flow needs, it really does require a bit of forethought. Buying the right vent hood can be just as important as the cooking equipment itself.

Here are five things to consider before you begin your quest for a custom vent hood:


#1: Pairing vent hoods to stove output

It's pretty simple: the bigger the stove, the more smoke and odours your vent hood will need to remove. Blowers for standard residential cooking equipment (electric oven with four elements) typically get up to about 300 cfm (cubic feet per minute). For higher-end ranges, particularly gas-operated Kelowna appliances, blowers can reach 1,200 cfm. Also note that vent hoods for island cooking appliances require larger exhaust capabilities. But a higher cfm isn't always healthy, or even legal, and that brings us to point number two.


#2: Makeup air

If you increase the blower size in a custom vent hood to match the output of your new cooking appliance, it will remove a greater volume of air from your home. This air has to be replaced somehow, or your house will become depressurized, which is highly unsafe as it can lead to increased carbon monoxide levels. One solution is to incorporate a makeup air system (an added expense) that will bring more outside air back into your house. Otherwise, you might have to live with a less powerful blower.


#3: New homes

One of the biggest advantages of building a new home is you can treat it like a blank canvas. With a little pre-planning, you can accommodate just about anything when it comes to custom hoods in your dream kitchen. Just be sure that your plans include room for the necessary ductwork. Remember, the larger the stove, the larger the ductwork diameter.


#4: Retrofit

Upgrading the size of a stove in an existing home can sometimes be a challenge. If the current ductwork is insufficient, a custom vent hood might not be able to keep up with the heat output of your new Kelowna appliance. This will result in smoke, fumes and cooking odours hanging around longer.


#5: Style

Do you want your custom vent hood to be discreet, or a showpiece in your kitchen? By choosing a liner insert, you can clad it with cabinetry to make it blend in with your dŽecor and other Kelowna appliances. It will be like it's not even there. Conversely, you can make your vent hood stand out by incorporating copper accents and halogen lights to really make it stand out. Companies like Canadian-operated Vent-A-Hood do nothing but create high-end vent hoods. The level of craftsmanship and functionality in their eye-catching product lines offers a guiding light for someone in search of ideas. To find your dream hood and get inspired, check out our post Custom Range Hoods You Won't Find at Most Kelowna Appliances Stores.

When you're looking for stunning custom range hoods and expert advice, visit the professionals Kelowna homeowners trust at Genier's Appliances in Vernon.


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