Countdown to Christmas: Prepare Using Kitchen Appliances

Countdown to Christmas: Prepare Using Kitchen Appliances
Here’s a list of ways you can prepare for the holiday season early with the help of your kitchen appliances.

With Christmas coming up, it’s never too early to start preparing for the madness that comes along with the season. From getting a jumpstart on the festive baking to cleaning cook ranges and decluttering the fridge, there are a lot of little jobs that can be completed well in advance. 

To help keep the holidays jolly, we’ve compiled a little countdown to Christmas guideline.



Are you wondering how you can start preparing for Christmas today? Here’s what you can do to ease the December workload:


1. Tackle the Christmas baking 

Almost all cookies, tarts, squares, and cakes can be baked now, frozen, and put out later. If you’re a stickler for fresh-baked treats, make the cookie dough now and freeze it until you’re ready to roll them out and start baking. You can even freeze the royal icing.


2. Get the shopping out of the way 

Besides drawing up a shopping list and planning out where to go, now is a great time to finish the shopping too. If you finish the shopping in November, you’ll most likely avoid the holiday crowds and line-ups, and you’ll be less likely to miss the hard-to-get items on your list.

Need some gift ideas for those hard-to-shop-for friends and family members? Check out our previous post for a couple of great ideas: Consider Kamloops Appliances for Your Christmas Lists.  


3. Don’t forget to place your online gift orders ASAP 

If you plan on ordering the majority of your gifts online, you should definitely place your orders before December 1st rolls around. This will ensure the gifts arrive on time and you’ll still have time to wrap them up and get them under the tree before Christmas morning.


4. Start decorating.

Get yourself excited for the holidays and spend a little time decorating your home. You’ll love the festive feel, and it’s one less thing you need to do in December.



Once December arrives, you can start picking away at some of the other important pre-holiday jobs.


1. Finalize the Christmas dinner menu

Once you’ve decided exactly which dishes you’ll be preparing for Christmas dinner, you can actually start working towards the big day much more efficiently.


2. Get a head start on Christmas dinner groceries 

Buy all of your non-perishable items now. You can tuck them away in the pantry and not worry about them again until it’s time to start cooking.


3. Prepare the kitchen appliances 

Now is the time to clean out the fridge, scrub down the grates on the gas ranges, and ensure your kitchen ventilation system is in perfect working condition. By ensuring your appliances are ready to face the onslaught of Christmas dinner cooking, you’ll be able to ensure your dishes are prepared without a hitch.


4. Pull out the Christmas china 

If you’ve got a specific set of tableware that you like to use for your epic holiday feast, pull it out of storage a week or two in advance. This will give you time to check it over, give it a quick clean, and get your table set up just the way you like it.


Now, go ahead and enjoy the holiday season. You deserve it!


If your kitchen appliances need a little loving before Christmas arrives, come and visit the appliance experts at Genier’s in Vernon. Our appliance repair specialists can provide maintenance and take care of any repairs that your Vernon appliances may require.


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