A Range of Range Hoods: Choosing Kitchen Ventilation in Kelowna and Vernon

A Range of Range Hoods: Choosing Kitchen Ventilation in Kelowna and Vernon
Chimney-style island hoods have become a popular site in Vernon and Kelowna kitchens as more homeowners move toward open floor plans on their main floor.

by Natalie Appleton

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, one of the most important kitchen appliances to consider in your new design is the ventilation hood. Today’s range hoods are focal points, and the type you choose should be in keeping with the decor you’re after throughout your kitchen.

From your floor plan to your cooking needs, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the ventilation system that will give you a clean, safe and stylish kitchen. Here are some of the advantages of each type of hood.

Types of ventilation systems:

Island hoods – Many of today’s kitchens are wide open. They offer you a chance to do most of your cooking on the island, with kitchen appliances such as stoves and ovens on one side, and bar stools for family members on the other. Island range hoods are mounted to the roof and drop down above your range to give you great air flow and a lovely focal point for your main floor.

Downdraft hoods – Also commonly found on islands and used so homeowners can keep a clear view of the lake or mountains, downdraft vents pop up and retract at the click of a button. Downdraft hoods use duct work that’s underground rather than above to draw down the air above your simmering pots and pans.

Over the range microwave hoods – These range hoods were designed to give you optimum space efficiency in your kitchen. Microwave hoods combine your vent hood, your lights and your microwave all in one, giving you more counter space. Since these hoods have a little less power to draw air and don’t usually stretch over the front burners, they’re best for occasional cooks who don’t often need all four burners.  

Chimney hoods – If you’ve got a gorgeous backsplash and enough cupboard space to sacrifice your spice racks, a chimney hood is a great way to add character and show off your kitchen’s decor. As a wall-mounted range hood, your ceiling needs to be a certain height for a chimney hood.

Custom and copper hoods – Unlike many Vernon and Kelowna appliance stores, we can connect you with brands that will custom design an insert for your hood to suit your unique decor, or we can have a copper or hammered copper hood made just for you.

It’s important that your ventilation system looks great in your kitchen, but there are also some strict guidelines to follow to ensure your hood meets safety guidelines. To make sure you’re choosing the right range hood for your needs, visit the Vernon appliance store homeowners across the Okanagan prefer.


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