A Candlelit Dinner in a Kelowna Storage Container Rental? Stranger Things Have Happened

A Candlelit Dinner in a Kelowna Storage Container Rental? Stranger Things Have Happened
A Kelowna self storage container rental is a convenient choice for storing tools, materials and other items when renovating the kitchen of your dreams.

You’d be surprised at the amount of disruption and turmoil a home kitchen renovation can cause a family. What might seem like a straightforward project can sometimes transform into something of much more epic proportions. In times like this, a Kelowna storage container rental can really come in handy, both for the project and your relationship with your spouse. Here’s how:


Base of Operations

Even the smallest projects require certain tools and materials. Having them all collected in a central area (ie. a Kelowna storage container rental) until you need them is a huge benefit. By having them out of your workspace, you won’t be tripping over an endless amount of clutter. Here’s a list of things you can store in a portable storage container:

  • Hand tools
  • Saws (mitre saws, table saws, tile saws)
  • Lumber and fasteners
  • Tiles, grout and mortar
  • Plumbing materials
  • Electrical materials


Out with the Old, in with the New

If you’re going to the effort of overhauling your kitchen, chances are you’ll be upgrading your appliances. When it comes time to remove your old ones, placing them in a Kelowna storage container rental will keep them out of the elements and out of the way until you’re ready to move them out. Similarly, you can store your new Kelowna appliances until they’re ready to install.

If you’re thinking of hanging on to your old appliances, check out this post on the benefits of Space Centre Storage’s portable containers: Moving Made Easy: Introducing MI-BOX® Kelowns Portable Storage Containers.


Man Cave or Doghouse: It’s a Matter of Perspective

If this kitchen renovation starts to drag on—from weeks to months—you might need to hang low in the storage container to escape your partner’s ever-increasing impatience. You may even need to sleep in it on occasion.


The Ultimate Reconciliation

In the midst of all this kitchen mayhem, you might be forced to order your fair share of takeout meals. If the sight of your unfinished kitchen is making you lose your appetite—and if you’re looking to win some brownie points—surprise your wife by transforming a Kelowna storage container rental into a private dining room for two. She’ll likely either kiss you or send you to the doghouse (see previous point), but at least you’ll know one way or the other.


Guest blog post by Space Centre Self Storage in Kelowna, BC. Want to make your home kitchen renovation go smoothly? Visit the Space Centre Storage website to learn the benefits of Kelowna storage container rentals.

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