Buying Kelowna Appliances? 5 Things You Should Know First

Buying Kelowna Appliances? 5 Things You Should Know First
Before you go shopping for the Kelowna appliances your family is going to rely on for years to come, consider these tips from Genier’s.

Over the span of your life, you’re apt to spend thousands on the machines that make your house tick. When you’re looking for Kelowna appliances that are going to give you value for your hard-earned money and make your heart thump with appliance envy, consider these tips.


1. Don’t judge a washing machine by its cover.

Appliances these days are becoming more and more like works of art. Gone are the days when your colour choices were limited to white and almond. These days, many appliances are available in an eye-popping array of colours and sleek styles, including red, black, white (of course) and the ever-popular stainless steel look.

And while it may be important that your Kelowna appliances match your home décor, you also need to make sure they work as good as they look, hopefully better. Our knowledgeable staff members at Genier’s can help you find the makes and models that not only perform well and have all the features you want, but also suit your style needs.


2. What’s in a warranty?

Before you buy, you need to be aware of what is covered in the warranty of your Kelowna appliance. Who do you contact if you need to initiate a repair – the store where you bought it, or the manufacturer? Are you limited to certain repair outlets to fix a problem, or can you bring in your own repairman to look at it? This leads us to No. 3


3. Does your Kelowna appliance store service what it sells?

Why not rid yourself of the hassle of warranty worries by shopping at Genier’s? We service the brands we carry, which saves you the bother of having to look elsewhere. And because we service what we sell, we know which brands to carry – the ones that have a proven track record. 


4. Consider buying Kelowna appliances from an experienced retailer (in Vernon).

For more than 50 years, Genier’s has been in the appliance game. It’s what we do, and it’s what we know. Why would you consider buying anywhere else? We have the biggest selection in the Interior – 58 brands of the world’s best name brands, our prices are competitive, we have a great service department and our sales associates are the best in the business.

Oh, and have you seen our showroom? It’s pretty awesome. You can peruse our 15 demonstration kitchens to get an up-close feel of how your appliances will actually work and perform.


5. Don’t limit yourself to the name brands you find in a big box store.

Most big box stores will carry a handful of name brands for each appliance category, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Chances are we’ll be carrying some of the exact same ones.

However, if you’re looking for something unique, something that’s going to make life SO much easier, or something a little more upscale, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a Thermador professional dual fuel range with built-in steam oven, or a Miele dishwasher that features a built-in water softener, we can help you create your dream home.


Before you buy a Kelowna appliance, why not swing by Genier’s in Vernon? You’ll be amazed by our massive selection, live showroom and knowledgeable, non-comissioned staff.


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