Brand Allegiance vs Cherry Picking: How to Choose the Top Kitchen Appliances

Brand Allegiance vs Cherry Picking: How to Choose the Top Kitchen Appliances
Choosing top kitchen appliances can be challenging for some couples. Come talk to the experts at Genier’s in Vernon for some impartial advice.

Jane and Bobby have been locked in a weeklong battle of wills. The couple is looking to upgrade their home to include the top kitchen appliances, the only problem being their selection criteria vary drastically. Jane insists they stick with one brand for every appliance to unify the kitchen, while Bobby is adamant they choose the best possible unit for each application.

So whose approach works best? Each has its advantages, but it ultimately comes down to what you want from a kitchen. Here’s a breakdown of how Jane and Bobby’s methods excel in some areas and perhaps falter slightly in others:



The trend for top kitchen appliances in high-end kitchens these days is sleek, modern and uniform. Being able to choose one brand for your major appliances—range, vent hood, fridge and dishwasher—is a great way to achieve conformity, which bodes well for Jane’s way of thinking. Fortunately, a number of quality manufacturers cover the product spectrum. They may not match up with the top performers in a particular category, but when you’re dealing with appliances of this caliber, they’re still going to meet (and exceed) most expectations.

That said, with a little research, Bobby could probably come up with a suitable list of top kitchen appliances similar enough in appearance that most visitors couldn’t tell they’re different brands (his wife would know, and that might be all that matters).



There’s a lot to be said for picking the best tool for the job, and it’s no different when it comes to choosing top kitchen appliances. If you talk to enough homeowners and do enough research, you’ll quickly find out which manufacturers are renowned for consistently producing the best appliances in a given category. In fact, your best source of information is the experts at Genier’s in Vernon—they receive constant feedback from their customers, and from their in-house repair specialists on which brands perform best.


It seems like certain manufacturers have developed their own special niche:

  • When it comes to custom ranges and cooktops, companies like Wolf and Viking continually rise to the top of the list.
  • For refrigeration, it’s hard to beat brands like Liebherr and Sub-Zero.
  • Bosch and Miele are firmly entrenched as leaders in dishwasher technology
  • If old-school is what you’re after, AGA and Heartland should be on your radar.


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The Verdict

It’s a tough call, but with so many companies specializing in specific appliance sectors, it’s hard to argue Bobby’s best-tool approach. But if kitchen esthetics trump performance, Jane’s appliance suite ideology will give you the look you want.


Having difficulty choosing the right brands for your top kitchen appliances? Come and visit the knowledgeable staff at Genier’s in Vernon. They’ll walk you through their live kitchen showrooms and explain the features and benefits of the makes and models as you go.


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