Deciding Between Black, White or Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances in Kelowna?

So, it’s time to renovate your kitchen, and you’re faced with the all-important question of colour: Should I go with black, white or stainless steel from our Kelowna kitchen appliance store? Choosing a colour for your kitchen appliances is a big decision, and you want to get it right because you’re going to be living with it for a while.

In this post, our Kelowna kitchen appliances experts weigh in on the pros and cons of each colour.


1. Black Kitchen Appliances

The Pros – Black appliances give a kitchen a very sleek, modern look. It’s a preferred look among many bachelors and younger, urban homeowners, if you think you might be selling or renting to a younger demographic. If you’re redoing a kitchen with a contemporary eye, black would be a good choice to consider.

The Cons – Black appliances can make a kitchen appear dark, especially if walls, floors, cupboards and countertops feature dark materials as well. Some homeowners worry black will be outdated before other colours. Others find dirt and grime is more obvious on black.

Vernon Black Stainless Steel Appliances
Source: Whirlpool Appliances


2. White kitchen appliances

The Pros – White is considered the safe choice because it’s less likely to go out of style. It can also suit a variety of styles, including traditional and contemporary. Our Kelowna kitchen appliances pros notice white going into a lot of rental units because of their durability and longevity. Plus, white appliances are pretty easy to clean, and they’re often cheaper than stainless steel.

The Cons – Some homeowners feel white kitchen appliances are dated, and that spills are obvious. Others feel white is just a little boring.


Appliances Kelowna White Stainless Steel
Kitchen Interior Design by The Kitchen Designer


3. Stainless steel kitchen appliances

The Pros – Stainless steel appliances instantly makes a kitchen more modern. They suit a range of styles as well, from farmhouse to industrial to urban chic. This is a sought-after choice by a younger generation of buyers and renters, so if you think you’ll be appealing to this bunch any time soon, stainless steel would be a good choice.

One of the reasons stainless steel transferred from restaurants to residences is because they’re incredibly durable, which is important in a kitchen.

The Cons – Almost everyone who has stainless steel appliances complains about the fingerprints, and it’s true, they do show up. With a little soap and water, and other neat tricks for keeping your stainless steel appliances clean, your fridge and dishwasher will be looking brand new for decades.


Kelowna Stainless Steel Appliances
Kitchen Remodeled by Cabinet Concepts, Greensboro


Whatever you decide, choose a colour you like, and try to stick with one colour of your major appliances for a fresh, seamless look.


When you’re looking for Kelowna kitchen appliances, make the drive to Genier’s so you can see how different colours look in a live kitchen with cabinetry. Genier’s offers more than 50 brands of the world’s best appliances and more selection than anywhere in the Interior.


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