Best Laid Plans: Helpful Layout Ideas that Work Around Kitchen Appliances

Best Laid Plans: Helpful Layout Ideas that Work Around Kitchen Appliances
A galley or single-wall layout can look seamless when incorporating built-in kitchen appliances such as wall ovens, counter cooktops and column refrigerators that are integrated into the cabinetry.

As we wait for the ground to thaw, many of us are thinking about home remodelling or renovation projects. If you plan on adding new kitchen appliances to your kitchen this season, make sure to take the time and access information from those knowledgeable, such as the sales experts at Genier’s, to make sure everything fits into your design plans. That way you’ll be sure to have a properly laid-out kitchen that is both stylish and functional.


Create Good Feng shui

You have probably heard of the ancient Chinese art of Feng shui, which uses placement as a way to create a healthy “chi” or energy flow in your living spaces. The practice certainly has its place in the kitchen and especially where appliances are concerned. To make your kitchen flow more efficiently, Feng shui masters say it helps to follow the triangle pattern, where your major appliances such as fridge, cooktop/oven, and sink form a work triangle. According to designers, no leg of the triangle should be less than 4 feet or more than 9 feet.


Establish Appliance Zones

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Further to making your kitchen more functional is how you organize your space.  One way to increase efficiency is to establish zones as part of your kitchen layout. These zones should be divided into areas, including where you plan to store and prepare your food as well where you plan to keep your pots and pans, cutlery and dishware, and your cleaning products and waste receptacles. Once these zones are established, it will then be easier to figure out where your major appliances fit, and you’ll have a better idea of measurements when you go appliance shopping.


Working with Smaller Spaces

There are normally two layout designs that work best in small kitchen spaces such as those found in condominiums or apartments. One is the galley kitchen and the other is a single-wall kitchen.


a) Galley Kitchen

Named after the type of kitchen found on a boat or airplane, a galley kitchen normally features two walls with two long countertops and a long, narrow floor space between them. The best way to apply appliances to this type of kitchen is to look for the best brands in built-in appliances. You can still adapt the triangle pattern, but instead of freestanding appliances, consider a built-in or column refrigerator, wine fridge, dishwasher, counter cooktop and wall oven to best utilize the space available. Bosch and Jenn-Air appliances offer a full range of luxury built-in appliances that will make your new kitchen design look snazzy and modern.


b) Single Wall Kitchen

Considered the most basic kitchen design layout, the single-wall kitchen, where all work areas and most major appliances are laid out along one wall, can still include some flair. The most important part is finding appliances that fit into what is normally a tighter space. One way to increase the size of your cooking or meal preparation area is to add an island in front of the single wall. The island can include a built-in cooktop with storage for pots and pans, and also can be used for seating so your family or guests can all be a part of the cooking process.


For more tips from our Vernon appliances’ experts at Genier’s, read our blog on How to Find the Best Appliances for Renos and New Construction Projects.


Genier’s Appliances in Vernon, BC is your one-stop shop when looking to build or renovate a new kitchen. See our Inspiration Gallery for some stylish and practical kitchen appliance layout ideas and make sure to visit our Vernon showroom for live kitchen demonstrations.


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