Best Kitchen Appliances for Big Families: A Top 5 List From Vernon Appliance Pros

Best Kitchen Appliances for Big Families: A Top 5 List From Vernon Appliance Pros
When you entertain regularly or you have a large family, the right size of kitchen appliances can make meal times so much easier. Be sure to visit our Vernon appliance store for the best selection and advice on how to incorporate multiple big family appliances for the biggest impact.

By Natalie Appleton

Is your family expanding? Or do you cook for crowds regularly? Our Vernon appliance store is getting more and more requests for suggestions about appliances for big families.

With the right kinds and sizes of appliances at your side, feeding and cleaning up after the masses can become a joy rather than a logistical wonder. Here are our top five picks of appliances Kelowna, Kamloops, and Vernon’s biggest families love because they make cooking for a small army so much easier.


The 5 Best Appliances for Big Families


1) An over-sized or second dishwasher

The standard size of a built-in dishwasher is 24 inches wide, and that will usually give you enough room to wash about six place settings.  If you’re about to remodel your kitchen or you’re building your home and you have the freedom to make more space, consider a 30 or 36-inch extra wide dishwasher.  These dishwashers are huge—they can wash 20-30 place settings at once!

Another more energy efficient option to consider is installing a second, more compact model that can be put to use for extra dishes on special occasions or a weekly Sunday dinner. That way, you’ve always got the option to do a large and/or small load, and if one dishwasher ever needs repairs, you’ve always got a back-up.


2) An upright freezer

When there’s a sale on hamburger, stock up and store yours with ease in an upright freezer. More and more people are searching Vernon appliance stores for these rather than chest freezers because upright freezers are so much easier to organize and use on an everyday basis. Since they’re taller and narrower, they often fit better in tight spaces in the basement or pantry.


3) Dual ovens

When you’re cooking several dishes for more than a handful of people, a second oven is a cook’s best friend. With separate settings and spacious drawers, you now won’t have to worry about adjusting the temperatures and cooking times for multiple dishes. Turkey up top, carrots and potatoes and pie below (or side by side)!


4) A beverage fridge

No need to worry about company or the grandkids taking precious fridge real estate with beer or soda on the weekend. Some beverage fridges, which can be built-in to your cabinetry, can store dozens of cans and/or bottles, including wine.


5) A six-burner gas range

Cooking for a crowd becomes fun when you have the space and the flames to make it happen. Gas ranges with multiple burners allow you to cook several dishes at different temperatures right when you need to, because the heat of gas cooking is both fast and even. Learn more in our post The Joy of Cooking with Gas.


With super-sized appliances in your kitchen, instead of juggling and cleaning, you can spend more time enjoying the company of your friends or little ones.


Are you remodeling or designing a kitchen for a big family? Consult the Vernon appliance experts at Genier’s for expert knowledge, big city selection and small-town service.


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