The Best Appliances for Halloween Baking and Candy Making

The Best Appliances for Halloween Baking and Candy Making
Find out which cooking appliances are best when preparing Halloween-inspired treats.

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting the jumpstart on making deliciously spooky treats. Whether treats to you means creepy-looking cupcakes or harrowing hard candies, there are a few cook ranges out there that work better than others.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a little guide of the best appliances that’ll help you and your terrifying treat-making tasks along.


Making Fudge: Electric or Gas Ranges?

Everyone loves fudge! It’s so versatile and can be tailored to match any occasion, even one as frightful as Halloween. However, the type of range you choose to cook with can affect the texture of your fudge.


The Gas Range

Because this appliance provides an immediate heat source that responds quickly, it’s much more effective in the fudge making process. 


The Electric Range

This range requires a little more time to heat up and cool down, and this can play a part in how your fudge sets up. Invest in a quality candy thermometer and take the pot off the burner as soon as it reaches the right temperature. This should help your fudge turn out exactly the way you want it.


Batty Baking: Gas or Electric Ovens?


The Gas Oven

Cooking with a gas oven can be a little tricky. To combat any baking barriers, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Heating can be uneven, so continuously rotating your trays will help
  • Try using a pizza stone placed on the lowest rack for more even baking and heat distribution
  • To brown the tops of your cupcakes or muffins, place trays on higher racks halfway through baking or use the broiler for one or two minutes
  • Increase the temperature for a crispier finish by roughly 25 degrees
  • Use light-coloured cookware to avoid burnt bottoms


The Electric Oven

This style of oven was made for baking; however, there are a few tips to follow that can make the baking business a little more enjoyable.

  • Preheat the oven for longer than you normally do to ensure it’s fully heated and ready for the job
  • Use a tin foil tent to prevent overbrowning
  • Use the middle of the oven for even heating and baking, unless the recipe states otherwise
  • Experiment with bakeware. For increased browning and crisp, use dark metal. Alternatively, glass, ceramic, and silicone will prevent browning.


Bonus Halloween Treat Tip:

If your little ghouls and goblins managed to pull in an impressive candy haul this year, use some of that abundant candy in desserts. Things like candy corn cornbread, candy-infused blondies, and candy bark are the perfect vessels for transforming collections of candy into delicious desserts.


If you’ve got a gas range at home, check out our previous post for a few helpful safety tips: Gas Ranges: Are you Using Natural Gas Appliances Safely?


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