Appliance Do’s and Don’ts When Selling Kelowna Real Estate

Appliance Do’s and Don’ts When Selling Kelowna Real Estate
The quality and condition of your major household appliances can have a substantial affect on how quickly your home sells on the Kelowna real estate market.
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Having modern appliances is a convenience every home should enjoy, and the experts at Genier’s in Vernon can certainly help you with that. When it comes to selling your home, what you do with your existing appliances is a matter of debate. We’ve invited the Kelowna real estate experts at Quincy Vrecko & Associates to share their insight on the topic by posting the following guest blog on our website. We hope you enjoy it.


Homeowners often develop a certain affinity to their appliances, almost like they’re members of the family. If you bought a new stainless steel double-door refrigerator shortly before you placed your home on the Kelowna real estate market, you’ve likely got a conundrum on your hands.

To make sure you handle the situation correctly, here’s a list of useful suggestions:

Keeping Your Appliances

If you can’t bear to part ways with that new fridge—or any other appliance—you’re within your right to take it with you to your new home. Just remember that when it comes time for your real estate agent to stage your home for potential buyers, it would be advisable to have already swapped it out for another one. Pulling a switcheroo after a deal has been struck is a big no-no.


Upgrading Your Appliances

It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but when it comes to attracting buyers, upgrading or updating your older appliances to newer ones is a huge selling feature for several reasons:

  • More visually appealing living space
  • Raises potential asking price
  • Gives buyers peace of mind (they won’t need to replace them right away)
  • Shows you look after your home
  • Attracts more affluent buyers


Maintaining the Status Quo

It’s perfectly acceptable to enter the Kelowna real estate fray without upgrading your appliances—especially if you’re on a tighter budget—but you’ll probably need a little extra elbow grease to make the most of it. Homebuyers can be quite picky, so it’s best not to give them anything to fuss about. Here are a few key appliances that should be spotless, so keep these in mind if you're doing the cleaning yourself or are hiring a professional:

Make sure it’s clean inside and out, including drawers, shelves, door and other compartments. Also pull it away from the wall to clean the floor and back of the unit, including the condenser.

If you have a deep clean setting, use it. If you have a coil top oven, replace the foil covers. If you have a vent hood, remove any grease stains.

Running a dishwasher cleaner through an empty cycle can make it sparkle on the inside, as it removes scale and stains from water hardness.


For other useful home staging tips, read How to do Home Staging Well: Tips from Our Kelowna Realtors.


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