Get the Fluff: 7 Top Towel Laundry Tips For Washers & Dryers

Get the Fluff: 7 Top Towel Laundry Tips For Washers & Dryers
Keep your towels in the same condition as when you bought them by using these laundry tips for washers and dryers.

It may be the most non-glamorous room in a house, especially when it comes to cleaning it, but many homeowners put a lot of care when it comes to designing their bathroom.

Whether it’s having the right colour scheme with coordinating tiles, a self-flushing toilet, and faucets that allow for just the right amount of water pressure, we want our bathrooms to be inviting and comfortable. That’s why we invest in those colour coordinated 100 percent cotton bath towels — the fluffier the towel, the better our bathroom will look.

So when it comes to making sure your towels stay in the same condition as when you bought them, you have to make sure you clean them appropriately using high functioning washers and dryers and by following these tips:


1. Deter on the detergent

If your towel feels more like sandpaper than a kitten’s belly, then you may be adding too much detergent to your washing machine. Powder and liquid cleaning agents can actually cause towels to stiffen and can also cause some residue and staining. Instead, try to wash your towels separately from the rest of your laundry, and cut the detergent in half to what you would normally use.


2. Use warm water

Towels, as well as sheets and any other fabric that is worn or applied to skin, should be washed in warm water (40°C is recommended) to kill bacteria and prevent mould. Towels should also be washed often


3. Skip the fabric softener

Although fabric softener can make most of your cotton clothes feel and smell new again, the same cannot be said when you apply the liquid to every laundry cycle to wash your towels. That’s because the softener can prevent towels from absorbing water, causing them to be less fluffy and absorbent. If you wish to use fabric softener, instead apply it every other wash instead of each wash.


4. Avoid bleach at all costs

Not only does bleach lighten the colour and leave spots on towels, it causes the fabric to break down after many washes.

You should also avoid getting toothpaste, acne medicine or cleaning agents on your towels, as the chemicals used in those products can also cause discolouration and stains.


5. Shake them out

 After your towels are washed and have come out of the spin cycle, you should shake them before putting them in the dryer to avoid wrinkles and creases. The same goes for after they’ve been dried.


6. Use the tennis ball trick

If you find dryer sheets leave a strong scent on your towels, try using a tennis ball instead. The ball will not only help soften your towels, it cuts the drying time in half.


7. Don’t under or over-dry

When removing your towels from the dryer, make sure they are completely dry as damp towels can grow mildew. They can also lose their softness and integrity if over-dried. According to Maytag appliance reviews, 6 bath towels (weighing 5 lbs.) will dry in a dryer in about 40-50 minutes, including a brief cool-down.

Or if you’re experiencing a hot, sunny day, why not save energy by hanging your towels out to dry?


For more tips using laundry home appliances, read 7 Washers and Dryers Tips to Stay Neat and Organized.


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