6 Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen Appliances This Fall

6 Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen Appliances This Fall
Extend the life of your kitchen appliances with these helpful maintenance tips.

Sure, you’ve heard of spring cleaning before, but how about fall maintenance? As the weather gets cooler and you begin to find yourself spending more time indoors, dedicate some of that time to performing some maintenance on your kitchen appliances. That way, when spring-cleaning season rolls around, your appliances will still be in excellent shape.

Here are some of the best ways you can protect your appliances from rust, damage, and old age:


1. Check the oven seal

When the oven door doesn’t properly seal, your oven will lose nearly 20 percent of the heat it generates. Not only will this heat your home (which isn’t very appealing during hot Okanagan summers), your food will take longer to cook, and it may not cook evenly.


2. Clean the kitchen ventilation

Range hoods are excellent for filtering out heat and odours, but only when they’re working properly. To make sure they’re doing their job, wash metal filters in hot, soapy water or run them through the dishwasher. Don’t forget to replace any charcoal or paper filters. 

For some more helpful tips on getting the kitchen ventilation system back to its like-new state, check out our previous post: Kitchen Appliances Tips: Get that Range Hood Sparkling.


3. Vacuum the coils on the wine fridge

You should also do this with the main refrigerator too. Over time, the coils can attract dirt, dust, dander, and pet hair, which means the fridge will have to kick it into overdrive to keep the stuff inside cool.


4. Replace the refrigerator’s water filter 

It’s a good idea to replace the water filter on your fridge every three to six months. To help you remember, change the filter every time the season changes.


5. Love your laundry appliances 

Once you’ve taken care of the kitchen appliances, head into the laundry room to perform a little maintenance magic.

With respect to the dryer, spend a little bit of time removing clumps of lint from the exhaust pipe and surrounding area then give it a good vacuum to ensure all of the lint has been removed. You can even vacuum out the lint trap if you’re feeling up to it.

As for the washing machine, inspect the hoses. Look for any loose connections, cracks, leaks or weak spots. On average, hoses should be replaced every five years. If you think it’s been at least that long since they’ve been replaced, consider ordering a new set.


6. Give your appliances a good clean

Last and definitely not least, give your appliances a really good scrubbing. Besides getting you prepared for the upcoming holiday season, keeping your appliances clean can extend their life and make the spring-cleaning process run a little smoother. 


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