5 Washers and Dryers That Will Save You Time, Money, and Space

5 Washers and Dryers That Will Save You Time, Money, and Space
New top-of-the-line Miele washer and dryers use smart technology, which includes Wi-Fi connectivity and control.

Is your washer shaking the house when it’s on spin cycle? Has your dryer seen the last of its drying days? Do you want to save space in your laundry room? If your washers and dryers are beyond repair or need to be upgraded, it may be time to visit your Vernon appliances store to seek out new replacements. 

Luckily for you, many major appliance brands have released newer models that not only make your clothes look and smell their best, they are also water, energy and space efficient, as well as easy to clean and maintain.

Let’s look at some of the best brands that are getting rave appliance reviews:


1. Sensory overload that won’t overload your budget

According to the Spruce, Whirlpool appliance’s 3.5 cu-ft. top-load washer and 7 cu-ft. electric dryer make the perfect pair when you’re on a budget. Designed with savings in mind, both the washer and dryer have built-in settings that are said to improve efficiency and save you time and money.

The washer’s load sensing technology helps you avoid wasting water with smaller loads and the dryer has an AccuDry setting that automatically stops the cycle when your clothes are dry.


2. Appliances that are as quiet as a mouse

Known for their quiet, well-made home appliances, German company Bosch also gets a thumbs up from the Spruce for its 800 series white front-load compact washer and dryer. 

These Bosch appliances make the perfect pair if you need to save space as one stacks atop the other. The set includes a 24" washer, with 15 cycle options, and an EcoSilence motor, which minimizes noise during operation. The electric condensation dryer also has 15 cycles and uses moisture-sensing technology to let you know when your clothes are dry.


3. When space is an issue 

As real estate prices continue to increase, many homebuyers have no choice but to look for smaller dwellings such as condos and tiny homes. That’s where the GE Washer and Electric Dryer Laundry Center can help.

These small GE appliances are actually a single unit, with a 2 cu-ft. washer below and a 4.4 cu-ft. electric dryer on top. Altogether, the unit only measures 74.5 x 23.75 x 43 inches, which is small enough to be hooked up inside a tight space such as a closet.


4. A way to avoid the laundromat

If you have a cottage or rent, Danby appliances offers an affordable portable washing machine that you can hook up to any tap. The washer, which comes on castors and can be moved on any flat surface, offers 11 different cycles and is said to operate quietly. The model is also energy efficient and uses only 126 kilowatts of electricity per year when operated at a normal rate.


5. Smart technology at play

With more and more smart appliances coming out of appliance warehouses, it’s no surprize that one of the top forward-thinking brands has jumped aboard the bandwagon.

Miele appliances has recently produced its high-spec WT1 washer-dryer series, which can be programmed to do just about everything but fold and put away your laundry. It has more than 30 programs as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can turn the machines on and monitor your laundry remotely. They are also said to have a very quiet performance.


For more information on how clean clothes can make all the difference, read our blog: Laundry Matters: How to Dress for Success with the Right Washers and Dryers.


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